Zodiac project: your opinion!
Hi everyone! here is a small update on the zodiac project: As you all know the main drawings are all finished, wich means I am about 30% done with the book. "wait!"you say: "just 30%??" yup! you see, I want to turn this into a softcover or a hardcoverbook, but no matter what I pick, I need to have a minimum amount of pages, wich usually comes down to 40-48 pages, in order to be able to get a softcover or hardcover printed ( no stapled cover ) since each of the western and chinese zodiacs only have 12 images I now have 24 pages finished in total...wich clearly is not enough.

In order to fill this book up I have a few ideas in mind, but the first idea is that I would like to put a page next to each illustration wich includes basic info about that zodiac ( date, year, colours, plants, characteristics and other stuff associated wich each zodiac) So this is where you come in! What kind of information would you like to see in my book wich each zodiac? Even if you do not plan to buy my artbook, I would still appreciate the feedback :) Please comment below this post what you would like to know about your zodiac :D