Zoltan Journal #8
Hey, man. Happy new year! Sorry for not getting much work done on the video this week. Kids and all that. Haha. I finished recording and editing the audio, so next is putting the video together and then it will be done. My hero, Smooth McGroove recently released a Smash Brothers video and he'd said that he got someone to help him with the arrangement. Since I'm an aspiring YouTuber and all that, I went ahead and sent him a message through Patreon offering him my services whenever he can utilize them. He probably won't be mentioning my name or anything, but helping out Smooth McGroove can only have good consequences in my mind. Another thing I've got in my mind right now is that it would be well worth my while to quit my job first and THEN use all the free time to make videos. But I can't do that because of money and stuff. So I've been spending a lot of time thinking of how I can go about selling my death metal album. If I can sell 3,000, I'll have almost a year's salary. Then I'll take a huge risk and quit my job and focus on YouTube and music. The hard part is, of course, actually selling that many. Thanks, James. See you next time. I resolve to show you some huge progress in the year of 2015.