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Zombi | Dungeon Boss | Epic Weapon Review | Yasmin Bloom's Seraph's Aid
Hi all,

The very latest epic weapon for Dungeon Boss is Seraph's Aid, which belongs to Yasmin Bloom.

I've only been messing with it for a day or so, but the potential uses for this are exciting. Remember to farm the weapon and the parts in Permafrost Ice Cave on Boss Island.

Teams I'd recommend are:

- Legendary Undead: Lord Zomm, Life Reaper Brom, King Yorick

- Green Goblins: Chief Nub Nub, Cruel King Bramble, Zurk

- Beasts: Grog-Gnog, Pignius Maximus, Bovus El Doro

Foozle did a post on the forums detailing everything you need to level up each hero's epic, here's the link:

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