Zombie Art : Viva Las Zombies!
The question I posed this morning while posting this image to my Facebook Fan page to promote this Patreon was, 'If a Zombie outbreak started in Vegas, would it STAY in Vegas!?' The answer, of course, is, YES! LOL!

This piece was done for a charity pub crawl in Las Vegas and it remains one of my most favorite pieces! First off, I provided the main Zombie reference, posing while the camera was on self timer on my stove top, the signage background was of course referenced and arraigned by tracing various printouts from online sources, and the Zombie Horde was designed from scratch! I just LOVE how this turned out in every way! The lighting, the colors, (many of which I normally never get to use!), and the simple but effective composition!

There was a showgirl Zombie in the final poster also...I'll try to find her, and the poster, and post them separately in the future! :)