Zombie Go Boom Pay
HEY GUYS! I didn't want to keep you in the dark for too long since you guys are my bros, but I just did a test on YouTube and this is what I found out.

I put the Alien Go Boom Gears of War vid that you guys got to see a few days ago on our YouTube channel for sale at $1.99.

We got a HUGE amount of hate, but we also got quite a bit of LOVE.

The vid was up for about 45 minutes and we had 17 people pay to watch.

That's roughly $34.

Sadly, we also lost about 200 subscribers during that period.

Obviously, this is something I did very quickly and there are probably better ways to do it.  I just wanted to test it out.

Wanted to update you guys on here so that you knew what went on, instead of being super confused.