Zombie Mick Foley and Me!
New Zombie Art later today, but I just thought I'd take a break to show you a photo of ECW, WCW, and WWE ledgend Mick Foley and me! I gave Mick a t-shirt of himself as a Zombie at a stand up show he did in my home town! It was a Zombie Portrait of him I had done and I thought he would like it on a shirt! (I'm wearing one too by the way! :)

He was an absolute class act and was SO happy to recieve the gift I had created for him! He told me that he would post the image after his show, and Honest to GHOD, not ten minutes after his second show...there it was on line with a statement of praise! I was so filled with hope for humanity! LOL!

'Love ya Mick! Thanks a million!