Zooniverse coloring continues
As I continue recoloring my way through the first issue from 1996 there is a lot of closure happening for me. This panel was the last of two I had to complete before FedExing the issue back to Eclipse in America. After three days without sleep, my brush poised, Micheal Logan, who was going to run the package to the post, told me my time was up and wrestled the art from my grasp. The panels were never finished.

Yesterday I took all the care required to do these panels justice, I couldn't be happier! I plan to have issue #1 completed by Dec 21st. I don't know if I'll make it but it will be close. Now that the flats are done I'm currently managing to complete a page per day with the highlight and shadow pass.

Back story: For those who don't know, Eclipse had given me a month to color this first issue. It was my first time coloring an entire comic. The art had been separated onto bromides for painting with an acetate overlay for the lines. The package arrived in Australia right when there was a Customs Officers strike that lasted for three weeks leaving me with a week to hand paint all 25 pages. I called on all of the friends I had and they called on their friends. We sat around two tables referencing the color roughs that I had prepared with markers on photocopies. Some people came for a day, worked for a few hours, never to return. In the end Helen Maier stuck through it, she remained the last woman standing and became my color assistant for the remaining issues. I never asked her, she was just there volunteering to pitch in. Work had to be done and she did it, I simply couldn't have done this comic without her assistance.

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