The right half of the chart, in black, shows post-production duties such as colouring and lettering. I'm about to set a couple of assistants onto doing the flat colours on the work I have finished so far while I work on a Bat-comic for DC.  I myself don't plan to touch that side of the chart until I'm done with the left hand side, which is what I want to draw your attention to today. 

The happy news here is that I'm ten pages away from finishing the drawing on this joint. I've drawn every page that I know is essential to the story- the final ten will be rewritten to better suit the shape I now know the story has. 

There are ten pages in the overlong first act  (called an 'episode' on my chart) that will probably get cut- the university and clinic sequences. I realised that there are story elements I reveal in those sequences that are better kept close to my chest until the end of act one, and the far stronger "bar" sequence- written much later- conveys the same information in a far more interesting manner. 

The university sequence has been redone multiple times, and many sequences in this book have a doppelganger sequence that was written, drawn and then discarded for a better option. In the final phases of the production of this book, I'll be reviewing the masses of material produced for this book and seeing what, if any of it, can still be used. I imagine the editing of the first act especially will be much like the cutting of a movie, and i'm excited at the prospect of this.