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Eduardo (Posva) San Martin Morote

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About Eduardo (Posva) San Martin Morote

Hello 👋
It's great seeing you around, whether you decide to help me or not in my journey to help other Vue.js Developers, you somehow found out that it is possible to help the Vue core team and you found me 🙂

📖 My story

I've been doing Open Source since I was in University in 2013 (catimg was my first real Open Source project) because I'm passionate about development and I love the feeling of building something and sharing it with others. In 2015 I learned about Vue, started using it and started contributing to it as well, mostly through help in issues. Back in March 2016 I joined the core team when Evan You publicly asked for contributors in order to create a core team. It was also the time I organized the first Vue.js Meetup in Europe 😊. Since then, I have been helping Vue Ecosystem more and more, through issue triaging, bug fixes, feature requests, internal discussions. In October 2016 I left my job at Theodo as a Web Developer because I wanted to contribute more to Vue Ecosystem and did that for 9 months while living on earnings. Then I joined Ironhack to teach web development to people changing careers. I enjoyed it very much but I realized it didn't leave me much time to contribute to Open Source so I decided to go Freelance in March 2018. From that point on, I could enjoy the freedom of working on Open Source quite often, go to conferences to give talks (which is also something I really enjoy 🙌) and work on different projects built with Vue as well as doing workshops. However, I still find myself using only around 10%-25% of my time on Open Source (depending of the month). I would like to shift that by the end of 2019 so that I spend between 75% to 90% of my time on Vue ecosystem.

🚀 Projects I have created or maintain

Here is a list of things I have created, maintain or help to maintain. By becoming a patreon, you're directly having an impact on these projects by enabling me to spend more time working on them

🤔 Why Donate?

By donating to my patreon, you are enabling me to spend more time maintaining Vue related libraries. I will prioritize the projects based on their usage, for instance, the ones that I will spend most of the time on are Vue Router and Vuefire because they are the ones in the need of it and the more used.
I also happen to travel quite often and I really enjoy meeting local communities. I usually communicate about this to organise Meetups. If you become a patreon, I will love to come by and say hi ! I also happen to be native in 🇪🇸 and 🇫🇷 and I understand 🇧🇷 (still learning the language!) that should cover quite a lot of people who are not fluent in English!
I will also try to provide some exclusive content or interactions with patreon but that will be detailed in Tiers.

💎 Other ways of helping

There are other ways of helping than donations: inviting me to speak at conferences, to give workshops or consulting. Here are some talks I have given in the past:

more on Youtube

👩💻 Links

You can find me around as posva. Here are some of my profiles:



Thank you for your time! 
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Monthly AMA

I will host a video call with so you can ask me questions about Vue, its Router or anything you want :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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