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More in-depth writing

The things I publish tend to be short. More often than not, there is a lot more writing and research that I simply don't put online.
For as long as you donate any amount per month, you will have access to this material. It won't always be excessive or structured. This will mostly depend on the subject. But there will always be more.

And who knows? If you give me feedback on how to improve it, I most likely will.
Single-shot Mentorship
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Single-shot Mentorship

During 20 years of creating software I have gained many different experiences. Working in the software industry can be hard.
Sometimes you could really use someone to talk to. Someone who has been there and can point you in the right direction.

During a Single-shot Mentorship session we will discuss where you are at, where you want to be and what steps are at your disposal in order to realise your goals. Part of the exercise will be to try and find you a mentor closer to home. Someone who is more readily available than I will be who can continue to help you on your way.

Don't worry. Until you do, I will give you as much attention as my time will allow.

To make sure money is not a barrier, the price for this reward is kept low. You can always donate more later, if you feel like it.
To keep the quality of the session high there is a limit on how many people I will mentor at any given time.




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Make a one-time or recurring donation. Because you like my work or contributions. Because you can. Because you are awesome.

If you are not familiar with my software-development work, you might ask yourself which projects I have contributed to...

In the PHP world you might know my small contributons to larger projects like Composer, PHPUnit and the Heroku PHP buildpack. Or maybe from my larger contributions to smaller projects like PHPTAL and the PHP Codesniffer Composer Installer. Or from the PHPTwente meetup group or the PHP Hooligans talks (and cool scarf).

In the BASH world you might be familiar with my work for BPKG (the BASH Package Manager) or my involvement with BATS (the Bash Automated Testing System).

If you use Docker for your CI, maybe you have heard of the Pipeline-components I help create and maintain for Gitlab-CI, Github Actions, Travis or just locally. (See https://pipeline-components.dev/ for details).

Or maybe you just came across my distinctive cartoon avatar in any of the 200+ projects I have opened issues or merge requests in.

Whatever brought you here, I appreciate your support. You are truly an Awesome Benefactor! 🚀
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