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About Potterless

My name is Mike Schubert. I'm 27 years old, and I had never read a single page of a Harry Potter novel before starting this podcast. Now, I am going through the series a few chapters at a time and talking about them with Harry Potter fanatics and experts. I point out plot holes, rant about the atrocity that is Quidditch, and make painfully wrong predictions along the way. Come along with me to relive your childhood, but with your rose-tinted glasses removed as you hear the perspective of a snarky young adult reading the books for the first time.

In addition to the goodies posted here, you can join in on the discussion on TwitterFacebook, or via email. Potter is part of Multitude, a production collective of independent audio professionals.

For every patron on our team, $1 is donated to a different charity each month (i.e. if we have 100 patrons at the start of a month, we would donate $100). So far, we've raised OVER $1000! Also every patron, regardless of amount or duration of pledge, will be featured on the Support tab of potterlesspodcast.com FOR LIFE. I really appreciate any amount you decide to pledge, and I strive to use the funds received in any way that I can to improve the podcast. Have a nice day, and WIZARD ON!
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I will visit London for the WB Harry Potter tour and have a live show and/or meetup in London while I'm there!
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