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Please call me Rune!
I'm a digital artist who makes character art. My work has been heavily influenced by anime, video games, and tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Why Patreon?
I'm using Patreon to help me build upon my fantasy setting and continue to create the fantasy characters & stories that I have always wanted to without worries. I'd love to show everyone my process, thoughts, inspirations, and invite all of my supporters to walk alongside me and enjoy this genre together.

The purpose of this Patreon is to garner the support I need in order to move forward with my own dreams & aspirations with little to no stress. As such, please note that my Patreon is a fancy tip jar. I'll never stop drawing animal-eared girls and NSFW illustrations, but I have always longed to make more fantasy works. Thus, my goal is to have the majority of my Patreon consist of fantasy and OC development, and then have the rest of my interests sprinkled on top.

From me as an Artist, you can expect:
  • Character art & sketches
  • Character designs and concepts
  • Animal-eared cuties, kemonomimi, and monster girls
  • R-18 artworks
  • Original content polls, NSFW polls, and occasional fan art polls

Benefits for Patrons 
While none of my works are exclusive, those who pledge will have:

1. Early access to my work.
Be the first to see illustrations! New works will be accessible by patrons first, then released to the public later.
2. More detailed commentary & insights on each creation.
I've always been hesitant to show too much of myself on social media, but I like to deliver a more personalized experience on Patreon. No more minimal, one-line, trogdolyte-level captions on my works such as "cat maid", "commission", or "anime tiddy"! Read about all of the juicy details instead!
3. Access to Discord benefits.
A private discussion channel and art streaming channel will become accessible on my Discord server! A few times a month, I livestream with the mic on and patrons can freely join me and chat. You must link your Discord account to Patreon in order to receive these benefits.
4. Higher priority for my commissions.
Whenever I open commissions I guarantee that at least 50% of the available commission slots will be given to patrons. My commission info is available @ powderrune.carrd.co
5. Eligibility to claim Loyalty Awards if your pledge is $5 or more.
Loyalty Awards are "thank you" doodles from me for your continued patronage! See this post for more info.
6. The power to help curate NSFW content if your pledge is $20 or more.
Champion tier patrons can submit ~vague sexy suggestions~ for monthly NSFW polls! Send in your suggestions using this form by the 10th of the month.
$180 of $300 per month
New Hardware!
I could definitely use an upgrade to my drawing tools.
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