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  • You get to vote on the next character i feature in future comics/pinups. You will get the pinup/cover image promoting that comic first before it hits DA + the censored (SFW) Pinup that will be posted on DA! 

(note: If you want access to the full comic itself & (NSFW) Pinups in full, please consider being a $5+ patron or an otakusquidinfo member to get the actual comic pages.)

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  • Access to Featured NSFW (uncensored) ver of Pinups featured art as censored on DA. Also art that will be pulled directly from my members site, otakusquid.info.  
  • High Res version of said Art.
  • Different features like swirly eyes, and extra shiny.
  • Access to Squid Jelly Comic. Polls & Questionnaires on my Monthly comic to help direct the coarse of future comics, and vote your favorite characters to be featured.   
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  • Extra Characters added to featured (NSFW) Pinups.




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About Powerman2000

Hi! I'm Powerman2000! I draw alot of sexy stuff! Mostly fanart: videogame,comic, & toon girls with bodacious bubbles. But i also do Breast Expansion, inflation, hypno, FMG...alot of fetishes under my belt. Check out my deviantart for samples of my work. http://powerman2000.deviantart.com/

Why become a supporter of my Patreon?
You will help me guide the future of the lovely art we have all grown to know and love... booty art of feme-fatales from your favorite games, movies, cartoons, comics, and anime. I wont adhere to some strict make believe PC culture that works to limit our creativity and expression.

ALL PATRONS, no matter how you give, as a reward, will get to vote on the featured ECCHI fanart of the month. This will be art from my members site otakusquid.info. You will gain access to that art, (before i post it on deviantart) as well as other content if you contribute $5 or higher. This includes delicious HENTAI & exclusive Patreon only giftart!

If i get enough $7 and up supporters, i will continue the comic again. It will feature all of the fetishes that you have loved over the years. BE, Booty expansion, lactation, prego, FMG, hypno, anthro, TF. Lets get more supporters for that!

Beyond that, i plan on doing livestreams and animations, but i need a bit more support before i get to that.

$70 of $100 per month
2 pages of otakusquid the comic per month
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