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About POW

POW Magazine aspired to become a collective and brand committed to bringing the local, U.S. and international music and art scenes to the attention of those unaware. Initially, POW focused mainly on the music scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on indie, psych, 60s garage, DIY, and various obscure sounds.
POW quickly built a loyal local following after launching in 2011, and the following online quickly reached all across the globe. While San Francisco remains POW's home base, POW staff and contributors are now located all over the world, allowing POW to cover music and art events in various countries, as well as discover and share new music with a global audience. To keep up with the larger audience, POW expanded with the addition of new contributors in various locations worldwide. Each brings a unique perspective and passion for music to the content produced. In addition to the POW website, POW is also present on numerous social media platforms including Ello, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the following continues to grow.

We are passionate about our music; we want to continue to keep our content up-to-date by supporting our writers, editors, photographers and video photographers through sponsorship with our patrons. It doesn't take a lot to support what we do to get the assignment done, but sponsorship does help bring a live show online, capturing a band on stage through video recording or photography or setting up interviews. The stipend covers transportation for our staff and editing (articles, photos and video). Like I said, it doesn't take a lot to cover the basics. In the future, we'll start Awards tiers. 

Watch our new video the work we've done in 2019 and support POW through Patreon and visit our website, www.powmagazine.org.

Thank you.

Dennis Gonzales
Founder of POW
2011 - 2020

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