Phillip Prokopenko Productions is creating YouTube Videos

$1 /mo
Just a big thank you from me, because you are still a supporter and every little bit counts.

$5 /mo
(Everything above) + My personal e-mail address which you can send my stuff and whatnot.

$10 /mo
(Everything above) + My Skype and special access to my Google Hangouts.

$20 /mo
(Everything above) + Special advantages in give-aways and you get to be featured in my videos.

$50 /mo
(Everything above) + I will sometimes send you stuff (Electronics, Collectables, Cash) just because you are a big supporter. Thank you very much.

$100 /mo
(Everything above) + Listen: I do not live alone, so right now, $100 is a lot for me. I don't expect anyone to donate this amount, but is you do, then , I don't know, I'll come and visit you or som...