Katie Weatherup is creating Shamanic Content

Within the Sphere!

$1 /mo
Be within the sphere of my concern and that of my team of guides. I'll hold an active, shamanic-powered intention that you are well, thriving and enjoying great happiness. Free guided shamanic jour...

Shamanic Illumination Healing and More

$5 /mo
Receive the "Shamanic Illumination Healing" each month as well as the "Within the Sphere" benefits.  For more on this healing, check out:

Awesome Supporter!

$10 /mo
This level has the same rewards as the $1 and $5 levels and is for those who want to support my work at a higher level.  You get a special title and bonus points!

Katie Talks a Lot

$15 /mo
Benefits of all previous tiers, plus each month's group journey reports. In addition to the healing reports, my guides provide messages and guidance on various topics each month. This is great if y...

Have Katie's Ear

$35 /mo
Reach out via email if and when you’re having a hard time or an exciting time. I’ll put personal shamanic intention on the situation on your behalf.  Limit: three requests per month. Due to time co...

Major Supporter

$50 /mo
All previous tier rewards!


$100 /mo
All previous tier rewards!  Plus huge gratitude for going above and beyond.  If you have a need, you'll be first on my list of people to take care of.