Gregory Brown has paused their campaign. Patrons will not be charged on July 1st, 2018

All billing will resume on August 1st, 2018.

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Gregory Brown is creating Lessons + Learning Experiences for Software Developers

Monthly update

$5 /mo
Receive an update each month about what I've been working on, and what I'll be working on soon.


$15 /mo
You'll have access to a live monthly video on 'something interesting' and can ask me questions either in advance or during the livestream.

Advisory board

$50 /mo
I will occasionally send surveys, questions and other feedback requests out to this small group of patrons who will help guide my work month by month.

Solo Sessions

$125 /mo
In addition to receiving all the other rewards, I'll meet with you over video chat or Slack for 45 minutes each month... to discuss whatever is on your mind that I might be able to help with.