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As we've clearly established, Jamie can't eat t-shirts. At this level of support you contribute to our debilitating podcast habit by ensuring we don't starve to death under the oppressive regime of Capitalism. You'll gain access to our exclusive Discord Server, and our eternal thanks.
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At this level of support, the redistribution of your ill-gotten wealth means we might finally be able to afford six really big chips with our dinners. We promise you nothing more than the lower tier receives, but at least you'll know that you're building Communism, one monthly donation at a time.
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From each according to their ability. But let's be real, if you have this much money to spend on us, you're probably coasting along on the inheritance from a family Chaos Emerald mine. The only special benefit you'll receive will be a special role on our Discord so everyone can bully you, but you'll rest well at night knowing you've entered into a findom relationship with a shitpost comedy podcast who're living it large while holding you in contempt.

We still won't buy your shitty electric car.
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About Podcasting is Praxis

If you have stumbled onto us by mistake: sorry.

If you're here by your own hand, may the gods take mercy upon your wretched soul as you join us on a dismal tour of the hell that is Normal Island. We are Podcasting is Praxis, the Virgil to your Dante on this descent into the depths of all that is diseased and wrong in the British political psyche. Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Listen Here.

Subscribing gives you access to our patron-exclusive content, currently consisting of one premium episode a month (with more to follow as we get the hang of this) and access to our Discord server. Really though, your support ensures we don't starve to death while working in the content mines, and isn't that enough?
162 of 100,000 patrons
When we reach 100k patrons, we'll turn ScotPol into a regular feature, with episodes at least once every two weeks.

David only agreed to this because he thinks this is a joke milestone. You know what to do.
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