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Our Electronic Warfare Operators (EWOps) are just keeping tabs on what the Precinct Omega BattleNet is up to. You get all of the "patrons only" content, including early access to the podcast and access to the Discord server, plus all of the historical content, but none of the extra content available to the higher tiers.
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Elites are getting that little bit more insight than the EWOp. As well as access to the Elites channel on the Discord server, Elites get to see early previews of forthcoming publications.
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Heavy Elites not only get the same access as the Elites, but also an exclusive "Rule of the Month" post, which introduces experimental new mechanics to a Precinct Omega game for discussion and play-testing.

Patrons at Heavy Elite level and above receive named credit in Precinct Omega publications in return for their support and participation.
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About Precinct Omega

Hi!  I'm Robey, author of Horizon Wars, the combined arms science fiction battle game published by Osprey Games, and, thanks to my amazing patrons, also of Zero Dark.

With our first project successfully published on Wargame Vault, it's time to look ahead to what this Patreon is going to be about, and my patrons have a lot of say in that area.  So I'm excited to say that the projects this Patreon will be funding are as follows:

1. More Zero Dark!  Excitement for the game and early sales have been so positive, that it seems mad not to build on that.  The first campaign book, Operation Nemesis, will be released at around the beginning of Summer 2020 with new missions for solo, co-op and PvP games, and exciting rules for a brand new type of bogey: the Nemesis!  And there will be exclusive previews, experimental rules and beta material for patrons!

2. Infinite Dark!  The third volume in the Horizon Wars range, Infinite Dark pushes beyond Era 3 into Era 4, as humanity escapes the confines of the solar system and heads into deep space in pursuit of adventure and dominion.  A spaceship combat game based on the same core mechanics as Horizon Wars, Infinite Dark will be some time in development and should be due for release by the end of Q1 2021.

3.  Exclusive Lifetime Contribution Rewards!
We have five patron Way Points that measure, each month, your lifetime contribution to the campaign.

  • WP1 - At $20, I will send you a brand new random mini of my choice.
  • WP2 - At $50, I will send you a mini of your choice (costing $10 or less) which I will paint to a high standard.
  • WP3 - At $200, I will send you a mini of your choice (costing $50 or less) which I will paint to a high standard.
  • WP4 - At $500, we will have a private one-to-one to design an X Team, Horizon Wars battlegroup of fp12 or less or Infinite Dark fleet (~6 vessels) of your choice. I will procure these miniatures and paint them for you to the same high standard.
  • WP5 - At $1000, I will arrange a bust portrait of you as a mech pilot, fleet admiral or operator from Zero Dark artist David Sondered (subject to David's availability - I have back-up artists).
  • ERV - After the $1000 point, we hit the Emergency Rendezvous Point and you go back to Waypoint 1.
$187.44 of $613.78 per month
At £500 per month, I will double up the "Mission of the Month" and "Rule of the Month" releases to include new material for both Zero Dark AND Infinite Dark every month.
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