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About Precious Plastic Cincy

Our founder, Cyrina, learned of the sustainability movement during college, and has planned for the past few years on how best to enter the space. She joined the Precious Plastic ecosystem in 2020, starting Precious Plastic Cincy. Launching a new company during the pandemic presented unique challenges, including relocating multiple times and rethinking plans for launch.

The concept and purpose of Precious Plastic Cincy evolved during this journey, becoming more than a workspace. It is a hub for artists and designers to collaborate. It is an educational opportunity for the next generation. It is a working example of circular recycling. Our vision is to see our world without plastic waste and to reimagine the lifecycle of consumer products.

Our core values are Conservation, Collaboration, and Education. Conservation drives how we source our material, which is why we prioritize using landfill bound plastic. Collaboration is fostered through our Creators in Residence Program. Local designers come to us with an idea, we provide the materials, and together we launch an amazing product. Education is huge! We offer workshop tours and other opportunities to teach people how to combat plastic waste. Being surrounded by the pallets of plastic in our shop quickly leads to the realization that there is a plastic problem. 
These focus areas support our approach to conservation, which is influenced by Circular Economy principles. We are responsible for all materials that move in and out of the workshop. With our Endless Return policy, products can be returned or exchanged at any time. The material reenters our production process, allowing us to reduce waste. This encourages consumers to shop within our ecosystem, decreasing their need to buy products made from virgin material.

Patrons get a behind the scenes look at our latest experiments, and the opportunity to receive exclusive products and presale access. 

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