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Special Movie Magazine in the style of the old Hollywood Studios.  Behind Scene Photos, Profiles on Independent Actors, Models and Filmmakers we work with from all over the world. Clips to exclusive scene. Photo gallery you can share online. List of all our Patreon Fans.

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You Like Us. You Really Like Us. We will show our appreciation by screaming your name. Online of course because just screaming is considered rude.  We will send you a thank you card on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We will also give you a glimpse at what we have planned. Please respond to our Thanks and add your voice online. We hear people like to express themselves online.

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Current Press kit from Prelude2Cinema with movie posters and exclusive behind the scenes photos and info. We will send new posters every month on our different productions.

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About Prelude2Cinema

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Prelude2Cinema has a PLAN. Our goal is to create a "Studio System" in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Prelude2Cinema is a Global Company. We are also connecting with people all over the world. This is your chance to be involved. We want you to be a Patron, but we also want you to be involved in helping us Create Art. Here are the productions we are working on. 

Coming November 2019, our Fan News

In Production

"Out of Darkness: Cleveland"

Based on stories by Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels. Set in an alternate universe, where the Internet was created in the 1950's, the USA is a police state at war with the country of Texas. The story is seen through the eyes of a young Latina government agent who deals with an urban legend about a shadow that devours criminals. 

"Visit Eden"

Created by Joseph Pledger deals with a biracial black girl who works for a cosmetic company that manipulates people with their products.

In Distribution

"My Sweetheart"

A moving story about a daughter who has to become the "parent" as her Father grows older. The Movie is being submitted to Festivals worldwide.
Thanks for your time and your support. If you want to know anything about Prelude2Cinema, feel free to reach out and ask. We thank you for being a Patron, a Fan and our Friend.
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After we reach $500 a month, we will start to produce special short videos just for our Patrons here. This will be a Videoblog with Behind the Scenes footage from our movies and interviews with other filmmakers.

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