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In this tier,  you guys my fellow patrons  can get a special template every week. And i will create every project based on your opinion, so on next week, you can download it.




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From: Afwan Ta'addin
To: Ladies and Gentleman who read this

       Hello everybody, I'm Afwan Ta'addin. I'm the creator of PresentAlive. I'm from Indonesia and here, NOW, with PresentAlive, I hope I can help you guys through your presentation situation with client, friend, and other. PresentAlive is an acronym of Presentation and Alive. I'm sure, with PresentAlive, your presentation can light up audience spirit and give a great mood for the day. 
       Short story about me. I'm Afwan, i'm 18 YO, and i love making presentation. I like it since my 8th grade when i came up for the winner of making presentation competition for junior high school. And for now, i feel like, i must share this knowledge and ideas throughout the world, so other can feel my happines too.
*ps be my patron okaay :)

Best regard

Afwan Ta'addin 
Creator of PresentAlive
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Hello guys, I hope i can finish this goal, I need 3000 dollars for my college fund and upgrading my workstation.
I hope, when i finally reach this goal, i can upload more template than before and upgrade my pc so i can edit video and add subsection about video tutorial.
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