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About Prester Jane

Okay, so here is who I am and why I am starting a patreon account:

Four years ago I had hit my personal rock bottom and was living in the mental health wing of a homeless shelter. I had been living for years in total denial of my mental illness and this had wreaked havoc on every aspect of my life. Having finally had my personal fill of my own schizophrenic delusions (and the destruction they had wrought on my life) I vowed to start over. Thankfully when I was finally ready to reach out I was lucky and found welcoming hands reaching back. Through a variety of both private and public programs I was able to obtain proper diagnosis/treatment for my mental illness.

Over the course of my treatment I began to write about my experiences growing up in a cult and how those experiences had impacted the way I had previously viewed the world. Eventually I began to publish some of these ideas behind a paywalled message board.

The community that I chose to publish on permitted an unusual experiment in collaboration. I approached the community very openly about my schizophrenia as well as my lack of formal education. I was also very open about explaining that the source of these ideas was an artifact of how my mental illness altered the way I think. Under these conditions the community was able to engage with my ideas as a sort of collective experiment in directing the freewheeling nature of a schizophrenics thought process and was very honest but fair in its reactions/disagreements/critiques, and as a result a (rarely seen on the internet these days) spirit of collaboration became the underlying groundrule for the discussion.

In short I approached the conversation well aware that I was both a schizophrenic (as well as lacking in a formal education) and that I would need to be on guard at all times for how my illness can impact my thinking, and the community approached my material by investing enough of their own time/energy to be able to discuss my ideas in my own (often very schizophrenic) terms. In general the discussion proceeded by my introducing a new concept (often with its own associated vocabulary) along with a some supporting examples culled from media and my best attempt at a rough explanation of what it meant and how this concept fit in with others. There would then follow a great deal of back and forth discussion as the thoughtful reactions of many other participants allowed me to hone both my own understanding of the concept as well as how to better explain it to others. Then there would follow a discussion about the refinements themselves and so and so forth.

One of the fruits of this unique discussion was the "Narrativist Framework": a description of the internal workings of a particular type of extremist group as well as the process via which such groups radicalise. Although the theory was generally viewed as "interesting but fairly overwrought" when its early versions were first published in March 2015, it has since demonstrated an unusual capacity to both describe and predict the actions of the individuals who have since become the hardcore base of Trump supporters.

Using the Narrativist Framework I was able to both predict and describe the process via which Trump came to dominate the GOP. (I predicted for example that Trump would be the GOP candidate in August of 2015) As a result of many successful predictions that have resulted from the Narrativist Framework it has begun to receive considerable attention.

Although when I started this project I was literally living in a homeless shelter my life has improved substantially since then. I (eventually) won my disability case and now have my own apartment.

However, that is not enough for me I a dream of achieving full independence from government support as well as transitioning from my (unfortunately mistaken) gender assigned at birth to my correct gender. (A process which is well beyond the reach of my current finances.) Although I get by at present a great deal of my time is spent navigating the challenge of meeting my human needs with an extremely limited budget.

Your support enables me to live my dream of full independence/full transition and that in turn allows me to focus my energies on creating more content. I burn with a fiery passion to see this project completed and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance to burn brightly <3

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When I reach 100 Patrons I will do a special podcast discussing some of the complicated origins of the Narrativist Framework. Specifically I will discuss my complicated relationship with a small-time cult leader and how our inner-circle conversations about this cult leader's theory about a "story that everyone secretly believes" was one of the inspirations for my own theory of the Grand Narrative.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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