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About Preston Klik

Take a creative journey with me! I lead sound meditations AND I'm a musician-composer. I'm starting one of the most creative chapters of my life! This Patreon page is where wonderful humans like you can help me make new music on an ongoing basis. It warms my heart to know that you may hear/experience all my new music.

The sound-scapes I'm birthing have a gorgeous semi-classical feel, with sweeping dynamics, ebbs and flows, and a mellow world-meditation ambience. Each is a journey in consciousness, a minor revelation. They're cinematic, timeless, life-affirming, full of wonder, light, emotion, and imagination. They feed the soul.

Here's what beta-listeners say...
"Exquisitely beautiful! A very high vibration. So full of feeling, and very healing for the mind, heart, and body."
"Each song is a rich creation engaging multiple senses. Cinematic, evoking movement and story and bliss."
• "I LOVE classical music. I don't know what kind of music I just heard, but it was stunning. I'm speechless."
• "Like woah, my neck hairs are sticking up! Unspeakably beautiful!"

♥️ I suggest you become still and put headphones on to listen to the 9-minute "Timeless: A Prayer For All Beings" featuring the fabulous Ari Urban (my main muse) on violin, and "Sacred Path (Healing Duet)" so you can get a taste. ♥️

I am seriously inspired, and I'm spending countless hours creating some of the best music of my life at my home studio, Chapel Of Sacred Sounds. This music is yearning to be birthed. I feel the stretchmarks! Sometimes I shake with excitement! This Patreon page is my attempt to make my Calling sustainable.

Patreon is a monthly subscription service which connects artists & supporters in a reciprocal energy exchange. It's an excellent environment to help creative people like me share their talents with others like you. IF you choose, your support will encourage me to be creative Every. Single. Day. You'll be immersed in each new sonic dream-scape I make, feeling the heart-centered honey-colored liquid-love vibrations!

My music needs heart-centered listeners like you! (It's not really music if there's no ears to hear it, right?) I invite you to become a member of my Patreon page. In this crazy world, with the seeds we plant, we're making our very own "good news story", an aural oasis of vibrant beauty, to keep hope alive. I'll work my ass off to make it worth your while. Promise.

btw: Your support benefits not just you and me, but others too - this music might not exist without your patronage.

♥️ HOW PATREON WORKS: It's really easy to subscribe. Just choose a membership level; Sign up; Add a payment method; Get benefits! (see FAQ)

Depending on the level you choose, patrons get 2 to 3 new songs every month. (see TIERS, and FAQ) As a patron you are making my creative process regular and sustainable.

btw: I'm a work-o-phile when it comes to artistic expression. I'm (healthily) obsessed, filled with passion and focus. THIS is why I'm alive. "...and Spirit was well-pleased."

♥️ CLARITY: I am NOT entitled to your support! Maybe you're not interested, don't like the music, or don't have the money. I get it. It's all good!

♥️ BOTTOM LINE: I can't wait to end each day in Gratitude knowing my creative soul is supported and listened to by good people like you. I'm so excited for you to hear what I’m up to! Namaste.

Q: What's your music like? I know you to be a "gong-whisperer." Is this different?
A: I LOVE BOTH! This Patreon page focuses on my music, not my sound-meditations. I've been in bands (Big Hat, My Scarlet Life, Karma Sutra) all my life, and have a dozen albums out. My current music is not genre-based. Any vocals are lyric-less. These 7-to-18 minute long dreamscapes ain't pop-tunes.

Q: Is this music just you, solo?
A: Contributors include the soul-fully expressive Ari Urban (my main muse: violin/viola) and MANY more musicians. I'm a slow worker, spending 30+/- hours editing-composing in Pro Tools, following each song's unique White Rabbit, and voila! I'm persistent&obsessed&passionate, and I LOVE to do what I LOVE to do!!

Q: How and when do I get your music from Patreon?
A: You'll get an email with a hassle-free listen &/or down-load link (also on my Patreon page). Peeps will get a track on the 7th and 14th of every month. Earth Angels will get a 3rd (Premium) track the 21st.

Note: When you join Patreon - anytime during the month - you'll have access to the current month's music. After that you'll be charged on the 1st of each month and will get that month's music/rewards. You can edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want. I've joined and un-joined with artists and had ZERO issues. Contact PatreonSupport if needed.

Q: Can I get your music without Patreon? Can I get earlier tracks I missed?
A: Some of my music will end up on the super-easy Bandcamp (store), and eventually iTunes, Spotify, etc and CDs. Some tracks are for patrons only.

Q: I'm old-school. Can I become a patron and get a physical CD, not a download?
A: Maybe I'll burn CDs every couple months for patrons who don't download? If you subscribe, we'll work something out: I want you to hear the music!

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Facebook: Preston Klik
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Private sound lessons
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• Song: "Timeless: A Prayer For All Beings"
• Song: "Sacred Path (Healing Duet)"
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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