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About Pretty Much Pop

A new podcast by the creator of The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast and Nakedly Examined Music discussing TV shows, movies, music, comics, games, comedy, novels, podcasts, theater, etc. and how we consume them.

The things people are into are really quite weird, and it's not always clear why we should be into them or if it's particularly healthy for us to be so obsessed. Should adults play video games, watch cartoons, or read YA novels? Is there a reason to restrict yourself to "high culture," or should you just take your enjoyment wherever you can get it? Why do we binge on shows or get sucked into casual, console, or online games? What insights can we find in considering particular pop culture phenomena like The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Star Wars? Do media portrayals warp our view of ourselves and each other?

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