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For the price of a cup of tea you get the satisfaction of contributing to the growth of Cup of Tea Games! We are extremely grateful for believing in us and for this we thank you ever so much! You also get access to our Patron Only Blog in which you'll be the first to know everything whether it's upcoming updates regarding to our website, games, and more!

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    Game Testing

    Access to Private Betas

    Whenever a game approaches it's completion, usually there's private beta in which each one of the developers test the game to get a feel for it and look for ways to improve it. For the price of a significantly large cup of tea, along with the previous reward, you also get access to our private betas so you'll always be the first play them! Neat, right?
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      For the price of an exquisite cup of tea you get to have your name appear in the list of Honorable Patrons in our website as well as be included in our games as a special thanks in credit sequences!

        About Cup of Tea Games

        Who are we, exactly?

        We're a group of people established in distant places of the globe gathered together by the mystical powers of the internet! We are game developers united with the common goal of making games for everyone to enjoy without the compromise of making games that aren't interesting nor unique on themselves!

        We develop currently on PC, Android, & Mac. Although we do aspire to reach more platforms to develop games in but that's just an aspiration for now.

        We are basically a small indie developer consisting of 6 people and even to this day reach out to others to offer their skills to try a hand in helping to produce the creations we aim to make in our own creative vision.

        So why are we here?

        The simple truth is that we simply want to engage with our users as much as possible while at the same time being able to stand on our own two feet. Making video games is not like other entertainment or art mediums that require a substantial fraction of amount of time it takes to produce fully functioning living breathing games. Knowing this we thought the best thing to do to compensate for the development time is to give supporters as much access and rewards as possible.

        There are studios, companies, and larger entities that already have large sums of funds in order to complete their projects. And on the other hand, there's indie game developers like us that subside on making short games for little or no funding. 

        That's why we decided to create a Patreon Page to allow anyone to get rewards and interact with us during our development of games and content for a very small amount of donations in which we won't ask much but do greatly appreciate because it does help us release more stuff for you guys.

        We mentioned content, what sort of content?

        Right now at the moment we only make games and video content orientated to those games and about the team itself. We do plan to create more varied content in such mediums and offer more along the way. We are the type of Developer that actively listens to what the community has to say so we take in all sorts of suggestions!

        So in short, we aim to create our larger scale PC titles as well as smaller scaled mobile titles to anyone could enjoy. In terms of videos we aim to make original videos such as Q&A's, Top 10's, Tips for game development, gameplays, and much much more!

        Supporting us? Where will the money go?

        By supporting us the funds will be used to bring new people in such as programmers, animators, publishers, etc. as well as improve the quality of our games using improved software and equipment.

        Expenses will be hard to accurately calculate but we do shoot for a very significant 500$ dollars at least to be able to cover the costs of expensive game making software as well as having at least a starting point for each one of our team members.

        Over funding? This will help us stockpile larger projects for you guys, so we have you there!

        We hope you enjoy all of our content and especially our games! We are ever so thankful! Enjoy!

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        Starting On the Right Foot

        If this extensive goal is to be reached, then this will allow us purchase necessary software to publish on more platforms as well as have a starting point to fund each team member.
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