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        I'm Laina Eartharcher, author of The Silent Wave, a blog about life written through the lens of a 40-year-old Asperger's/autistic female.  Patreon membership was a fantastic idea suggested to me by a friend and commenter on the blog in response to a post regarding setting up a The Silent Wave YouTube Channel (which I hope to grow in the coming months!). 

        So, I decided to take her up on her idea, and here I am!  And if you've found me, here *you* are!  My goal is to raise at least $300 each year, to make my blog completely AD-FREE via WordPress's Premium/Business plans.  Once I raise the first $300, I'll sign up for the top-tier AD-FREE plan.  If I can raise $300 each year after that, I can keep renewing that plan. 

        I've created a few pledge tiers; any feedback on these is absolutely appreciated, as well as any additional ideas for other tiers/amounts/etc.  All genuine feedback is welcome!

        Thank You (!) to the lovely lady who suggested Patreon, and Thank You to all who can help me reach this goal!! :) <3
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        Trying to reach $300 in order to be able to purchase WordPress's Premium/Business Plan in order to make my personal Asperger's/autism-based blog, The Silent Wave, an Ad-Free Space :)  The funds will go strictly toward the purchase of the plan. 

        I've looked into putting ads on the blog, but have decided NOT run any ads at all, and to go Ad-Free by raising the funds on here instead.  <3

        My ultimate goal is to raise at least $300 per year in order to keep the blog Ad-Free.  Anything over $300 will be invested in my YouTube Channel (watch that space for new content!), as an additional community service to all involved in/with the Autism Spectrum!
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