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About Edrem

Devious is an adult text adventure game / engine inspired by games like Corruption and Champions and Trials in Tainted Space.

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The Game

__Simple description of the game here__

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The Engine

Devious Engine is built from the ground up to work across any capable of running a Browser, this includes iOS and Android!
Some of the features include
  • Player transformation abilities, customize your appearance and abilities
  • Turn Based Combat, inspired by Final Fantasy / Bravely Default battle systems
  • Dynamic storylines and characters
  • Incredibly moddable design, with user friendly tools to mod new content and even distribute it!
  • Free Open Source Software (FOSS), allowing for even more community customization
  • Entity-Component-System-Observer (ECSO) for managing the games world

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How is this funded?

The game is being built even without external funding, however patreon donations will allow me to dedicate more time and resources to the project.

Patreon funds will be treated as a kitty. Additional funds will be used to commission work on the game which can range from artwork to community added storylines/content.

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