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About Priapus of Milet

Welcome to my Priapus page! You can find info on my Patreon content and stay updated on running projects on this Post. To navigate quickly through all my projects you can use the  Index Page

Creating these images is a great hobby of mine and I've been publishing my work for free on my  Priapus Blog for many years. I am able to do this thanks to the very generous support of many Patreon patrons! That is really wonderful and your pledge will make it possible for my heroes to continue their exciting priapic adventures, discovering new worlds and exploring new sensations.

You can start or leave at any time. But please note that you’ll be charged upfront! That means you'll be billed as soon as you join and at the beginning of the month. You can find more information about becoming a patron on the  Patreon Help Center page.

Note:  New Sales Tax Requirements have been announced, effecting patrons in some parts of the US and 17 other countries. Starting on July 1st, 2020

In general, each project consists of four  Reward Tiers: Wallpaper, WorkDoc, Gallery and Add-Ons. The Gallery is the main section of a project, containing the story in a series of images. You can find background information on a project in the WorkDoc section, additional large size renders, short series, GIFs and/or animations are available in the Add-Ons section. So, the higher your monthly pledge, the more you’ll get to know about a project. Each Tier gives access to all projects.  

  • $1 Wallpaper  - A monthly single large render
  • $5 WorkDoc   - Background information on the project
  • $10 Gallery     - Exciting adventure in a series of images
  • $20 Add-Ons  - Extra-large renders, series, GIFs and/or short animations

The original size of the images is 2000x1000/1500 px and a file with the entire series can be downloaded at the bottom of each post.

Updates - A single Wallpaper on a running project is posted at the beginning of each month. The Gallery and Add-Ons are updated once a week on Sundays, and you'll be notified when new material is posted. The WorkDoc is normally posted at the end of the project. On average a project runs ca. 4 to 6 weeks. Due to the very slow process, an animation takes considerably longer to complete.

To navigate through all my projects, you can use the overview of this Index Page and the TAGS and filters on the Posts Page. A summary of recent updates and all animations is available here on this Home Page. Links are also added at the bottom of each post to direct you to the related tiers of the same project.

Note that short sections of my projects are published on my   Priapus Blog.

Next project updates: 2 May 2021

Updated: 2 May2021

In this series, a medical officer of a special inspection unit sets course to Section 4A, a military base in the remote tropical region of Tellus. Unusual effects of the local environment on recruits have been reported, and the commander of the base has called for urgent assistance.

THE DELIVERY - Completed
Updated: 25 April 2021

Just when the owner of a small bakery closed his shop, a strange client appears with a remarkable request for a large delivery. It is the beginning of a new Gothic midwinter adventure that leads to a remote place, where dwellers from a long-forgotten era return to an abandoned palace to celebrate the darkest days of the year.

DEEP SPACE (Animation) - In Progress 
Updated: 25 April 2021
33 min completed

In this new project, we return to the Solaris-1 Space Station (from the  Gravity series), where Harry explores new frontiers, where no man has dared to go before.

You can find a complete overview of my projects on the Index Page

Animations are available in the Add-Ons section of a project. 

The Temple - (40 min)
An alternative animated version of the series, where Harry explores the mysteries of The Temple for the first time. This animation is part of Chapter 6 of the  Inner Sanctum project.

The Temple Guard (3:15 min)
Before Harry is able to enter the desired sanctuary, he has to pass the main gate and slay its monstrous T-Rex guard. This animation is part of Chapter 6 of the  Inner Sanctum project.

Gravity (40 sec)
This short animated scene is part of the  Gravity project.

Battle of the Titans (7 min)
In this short animation, the battle between the two Titans from the series in a historical setting comes to life. This animation is part of  The Battle of the Titans project.

The Antechamber - Part II (12:14 min)
In this second chapter, Harry descends deeper into the core of the Inner Sanctum and discovers a magic world of pleasure and delight. This animation is part of Chapter 5 of the  Inner Sanctum project. 

The Antechamber - Part I (8:45 min)
In the first part, Harry is, suspended as a Vitruvian Man, tested by a skeletal robot in an obscure underground lab. This animation is part of Chapter 4 of the Inner Sanctum project.

Private Dancer (3:35 min)
Harry as an exotic private dancer, for your eyes only. This short experimental animation is part of the  Private Dancer project.

The 7th Circle (25 min)
The final part of the series where Harry, the bulky red-haired hero, continues to explore the mysterious Temple, where he has close encounters with alien phallic serpents.

A complete overview of my projects is available on the  Index Page.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 167 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 167 exclusive posts

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