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Quick info

Pledges are per-video rather than per-month. I work on this full-time, but I've been publishing less than once per month so far. The hope is to approach a monthly publishing schedule.

If you'd like your pledge, or part of it, to go toward professional subtitles for a particular language, let me know in a message after you pledge. Eventually, I'd like to translate into all available languages as a matter of course. There's not yet enough cashflow to support that, so in the meantime, I'm letting patrons pay specifically for translations if they'd like to see. The list of languages and prices for the service I use can be found here. (YouTube does allow community translations, but they require final approval by me, and I don't speak most of those languages. Professional translations will also be faster.)

If you're curious about what I'm doing and why, read on.

The goal

Innovation is notoriously hard in education. Before starting this channel, I spent the previous five years as a part of Khan Academy's content team and saw first-hand how difficult it is to change the way things work. Test makers, teachers, and resource creators all look to each other for cues on what's important. They have to do this to serve each other and their students well, but the long-term result is curricular stagnation. If you've ever been in a classroom where a student raised their hand to ask "Why are we learning this?", you know what I mean. You've probably been that student at one point or another.

Primer's goal is to make it easier for people to have their life enriched by knowledge. The method is to take a fresh approach to academic subjects, forgetting about the established curricula and always keeping the "why" in view. There are two core beliefs underlying this goal. First, gaining understanding of the world is among the greatest pleasures a human being can experience. Yes, learning can prepare you for a career (and that's nothing to sneeze at), but you don't need to work in a field for its great lessons to enrich your life. Second, and perhaps more importantly, anyone can gain a deep understanding of any subject. You don't need a Ph.D. to understand core ideas.

This kind of message seems to resonate with just about everyone, and yet, so few people and organizations, faced with tough business realities, are able to break the mold directly. So, I decided to leave Khan and try to do something you can only do if you're small. Thankfully, Patreon and YouTube make it possible for even the smallest among us to gain an audience and, potentially, a living while doing work that might otherwise never see the light of day.

My hope is that Primer can play some small part in helping us re-think what an education should be.

Upcoming work

For the next several months, I'll continue working on the evolution and economics series. Evolution is the very core of biology, and hey, we're all organisms, so that seemed like a good place to start, and economics is a topic in which YouTube seems to have few innovative channels, so that's where I went next.

For future series, I plan to poll patrons to see what the community thinks is most important. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are some current candidates:
  • Science in general. The scientific method is taught as a list of steps, but students rarely learn why those steps matter. This series will include some epistemology, some study of habits of human thinking that can lead us to mistakes (i.e., biases and fallacies), and a look at institutions and norms that help us move toward truth in the long run.
  • Physical science. This includes both chemistry and physics. This was my focus in college and grad school, so it would be a pleasure to introduce these subjects for their beauty rather than as "weeder" courses.
  • Math. There's plenty of math content on YouTube, but most of it is either higher level or focused on helping students with established curricula. If I do a math series, it will deal with concepts normally taught at the middle school or early high school level, and it will focus on discovery and experimentation rather than a march through mathematical structures and procedures. A major source of inspiration would be Paul Lockhart's Measurement .

Of course, all of this depends on support from people like you. Whether you decide to contribute or not, thanks so much for reading this far.
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At this level, I'd be able to do this full-time while continuing to prioritize quality over quantity.
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