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About Primum Soft


Hello and welcome everyone! Primum Soft is an independent group (often called doujin circle) set to create engaging works through different and multiple artistic mediums like visual novels, illustrations, writing, music and photography and deliver high quality content and stories set in a shared setting we usually refer to as the “Primumverse”.

We are mostly a three man team of sorts and here you'll be seeing the conjunction of works by lead CG and sprite artist bonkiru, music by Arcane Divine Piano (A.D.P.), who produces a broad range of instrumental pieces for our projects and writing woes, development and coding miseries as well as other analysis by director, circle founder and lead writer/project manager AlphaProspector.

We've also commissioned music by circle harmonicblend and are hoping to work with them in the future for more passionate music for our works.

Currently, our two main projects are Yume no Sono and Hoshi Agari:

Yume no Sono ~Song of the Red-Bellied thrush echoing in the night~ is a supernatural thriller visual novel set mainly within a modern day context where the flow of time and the lives of people have become intertwined with all sorts of strange phenomena.

"Sometimes, dreams shift into nightmares..."

Running away from the insanity of their worlds, Iris Stella Marinari and Tomii Reika always took refuge within their dreams. Stranded by the waves of time, they met each other at Sumaq Urqu, the legendary City of the Lost Ones.

"It is said that one cannot cross the dream passage to Sumaq Urqu alone."

By forming a team, Iris and Reika ventured together deep into this strange city, exploring its surreal streets looking for clues to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of Reika’s mother.

Time and space begin to distort as their boundaries disappear, blurring the line between the “real world” and those other, stranger “dream worlds”.
Always united
With the streaks of madness spreading at a frightening pace, Reika begins her desperate attempts to reunite with Iris and continue their quest through Sumaq Urqu before it’s too late, before their worlds begin to fall apart.
However, they are not alone in their quest! Many friends await, but just as many foes and dangers lie ahead.

Hoshi Agari is a fantasy visual novel set mainly within a modern day context where the common human world inadvertently coexists with all sorts of supernatural creatures and mysterious phenomena.

Something is very wrong across the worlds in between worlds. Voices are getting lost, lives are disappearing, and madness is spreading.
Suyana is a powerful starlight fairy who despises contact with the worlds outside of her realm. However, she is always ready to help her sisters if the situation arises.
It’s during this time of turmoil that she hears the desperate call of one of her sisters from a world she knew so well, in which she was worshipped as the Great Fairy of the West.
It’s been a long time since her last visit and Suyana has no idea how much things have changed.
What kind of dangers await in her quest to save her sister? Will she have enough strength to confront the madness that’s rapidly taking over the human realm?

We've previously released two test versions of both projects for the Comic Market Winter Edition (pretty much the largest fan oriented convention in the world hosted at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan) and you can see their accompanying videos here to get a slight idea of the kind of mood and style we are going for:

We are also working on a secret, third project, much smaller in scope but by no means simpler. We'll reveal more info about it in due time as we really like the synergy and chemistry between the main characters.

Why Patreon?

We are seeking for better ways to do what we love and provide the best contents we can.

The circumstances in the countries we live in make it complicated to unleash our full potential and securing a stable income will allow us to focus more intently and put more energy into our projects, relying less on commissions and side-jobs to keep us afloat until we start shipping works. It’ll also be a great protection against any external situations caused by the unstable economic and social situations we face on a daily basis. Every bit will get us closer to the goal.

What are our future goals by building a more stable community?

There are several objectives in mind for the future but here are some things that we would like to carry out as soon as humanly possible:
  • More vocal songs that build up the lore of our project universes in cooperation with other circles (primarily with our friends at harmonicblend!)
  • Improving overall presentation and GUI design of our projects.
  • Work towards more translations to reach more audiences.
  • Explore the option of voice acting. (Both in English and Japanese.)
  • Development of character goods (including acrylic figures, keyholders and a few other items like ema plates and dakimakuras!)
  • Creation of doujinshi, CG sets or other fan materials as additional monthly rewards for patrons.
  • Preparations for potential console ports (with Nintendo Switch seemingly being one of the highly solicited platforms)
  • Animated content (this is a long-term goal we hope to achieve, including the acquisition of an official license, studying and exploring of Live2D and similar systems to obtain animated sprites and CGs.)
We have several more planned projects for the future. Many may be connected to the same universe, and some may not, at least at first glance. At the moment we want to focus on finishing our current works and create a sustainable income for us to continue making our creations a reality!

We invite you to join these worlds we are crafting and accompany us in this creative journey!

What do patrons get?

Our most immense and sincere thanks and appreciation! Of course, not just that!

First and foremost we’ll try to work on a monthly reward plan with patron-only works (going through their creation process from sketch to finished piece) as well as exclusive access to development news, including materials full of spoilers, which will be warned beforehand of course.

Once we gain more traction we want to explore providing some of the physical goods we’ve mentioned in the goals for our biggest supporters. We've already printed several sample materials in Japan a few months ago and while the production prices are not cheap unless you order in bulks (for which we would definitely need a stable and bigger patron count), the results and overall quality definitely warrant the price tags.

You can check the rewards sets we've created for more information! Tiers may get updated as we start releasing materials.

45% complete
By reaching this goal we can rely a bit less on commissions/side jobs to cover part of our montlhy cost of living, thus devoting more time to our projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts
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