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About Pamela

3 A.M.

A comic about unlikely situations taking place with a cast of unlikely people with an unlikely protagonist. Sound vague enough? Excellent!
3 A.M. has fantasy and paranormal elements. My story follows Mae, a broke and down on her luck student who is one day given the opportunity to work at Lucky's, but as she soon comes to find out things are much more easy when you're just broke than when you work at Lucky's. 

By supporting me you'll both be making it easier to fully put my entire focus behind that of continuing 3 A.M./creating art work for any of my other ventures while also putting me a step closer to devoting all of my time to this work of mine! By backing me you'll also be backing a queer woman of color creating comics with characters who are also queer and an array of races and walks of life. 

Where else to find me: 

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I'll start to put together a mini comic each month. It might be something related to 3 A.M. or other projects I have in the works. 
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