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About Alethea Kontis

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Welcome to the Patreon Page of Alethea Kontis: Princess. Bestselling Author. Narrator. Saturday Songwriter. Dark Optimist. NPR Reviewer. Storm Chaser. Green Mountain Girl, and Goddess of Most Things!

I love to write! I am a NYT bestselling and award-winning author of all sorts of subversive things that are too clever for their own good. I have been called "the female Neil Gaiman," a "contemporary Shakespeare," and "a veritable badass fairy princess" (thanks for that one, Jim Butcher!). There is a definite split between the people who would want to live in my head, and the people who are scared to death by the prospect.

I love Dragon Con!
My first SF convention ever was Dragon Con in 1996. My dream closet has always been: half costumes and half geeky t-shirts. Now I have two closets--one for each. I host the official Princess Alethea's Traveling Sideshow performance every year (since 2009!). I walk in the parade. I've twice been nominated for a Dragon Award. Dragon Con is not just *my*'s my family!

I love adventure!
LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Call it the curse of an interesting life--everywhere I go, adventure goes with me!  Concerts, Conventions, Storm Chasing, you name it -- I love sharing these stories with my Patrons!

Once upon a time, I wasn’t a princess. I was just a little girl from Vermont who dressed up in her mother’s skirts and ran around the yard speaking in a British accent. I made mud pies and counted snakes and collected four-leaf clovers. The year I got a cassette player for my birthday, I spent hours locked in the bathroom recording optimistic motivational speeches.

My best friend was a tree.

My world has always been a bit special, a bit odd, and a bit magical. The most fun was sharing this magic with my friends and family. When I became a published author, I suddenly had the opportunity to share with everyone in the world.

There just needed to be a place where I could pull everyone together from all aspects of my life: the picture book readers, the romance writers, the stage performers and voice narrators, the artists, the cosplayers, the horror writers and movie makers, my convention family—ALL my families. The one I was born into, and the ones I’ve made along the way. YOU ARE AMAZING. Every single one of you. My life is not complete without you.

In 2014 I moved to Florida to rebuild my life...and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I literally set the stage for “The Alethea Show.” From my library to my costume closet, from my treadmill to my writing couch, from my stack of tiaras to the makeshift art studio in my garage...everything is here. The only thing missing are my cheerleaders. My supporters. Those people for whom I originally created this magical, Wonderful World of Princess Alethea.


And so I put a call here out into the world: if you have ever loved my writing, if you have ever met me at a convention, if you have ever admired my costumes, if you have ever read my essays, if you have ever watched a Fairy Tale Rant video, if you have ever liked something I’ve said or shared on social media, I invite you to my Kingdom where rainbows are seasonal and the flowers bloom all year round and exotic birds are as prevalent as exotic Pokemon...and there is glitter in the floorboards.

Join me on my adventures. Learn about new authors, new artists. MEET EACH OTHER! I promise to delight and entertain you. I promise to introduce you to fabulous things and fabulous people. I promise to put amazing things out into the world, so that amazing things come back to us all, threefold.

I am here for YOU.

Take my hand...are you ready to explore this Wonderful World together?


PS -- if you really want to read the sappy, heart-wrenching version of the story I didn't put here, click over to my blog.
18% complete
If this Patreon page can get up to an amount per month that will allow me to survive without juggling 13,000 additional freelance projects, I will drop (mostly) everything that I am doing and FINISH THE WOODCUTTER SISTERS BOOKS SERIES! (Please help me do this!)

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