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is creating hand-drawn RPG maps & assets (optimized for Roll20)
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The entry level- At this tier you'll receive: 

  • Access to all our maps & assets in the archive 
  • High resolution maps (both print and VTT, specially made for Roll20)
  • Both gridless and gridded versions
  • My perpetual thanks.
per map pack

The intermediate level- In exchange for giving a bit extra at this tier you'll get: 

  • All Previous Tier Rewards
  • Access to all our maps & assets in the archive
  • High resolution maps (both print and VTT, specially made for Roll20)
  • Lineart versions  (maps)
  • Discord access. Come join our server for RPG chat!
  • My everlasting thanks!
per map pack

The expert level- Here you'll help me pay off Photoshop and get to request a custom map of your choosing! 

  • All Previous Tier Rewards
  • High resolution, layered Photoshop files (PSD) of all the content
  • Access to patron-only polls to decide content
  • Access to all our maps in the archive
  • Occasional extra goodies
  • Discord access. Come join our server for RPG chat 
  • My eternal thanks ❤️




per map pack

About Printable RPG


We are Printable RPG - group of Dungeon Masters, hardcore players and artists passionate about RPGs who enjoy creating all kinds of content for fantasy settings.

* List of all released maps here *
* List of all released tokens & minis *
* Collection of free maps & assets *
* Free maps & assets for Night of the Comet scenario *

Here on our Patreon you can find all the battlemaps and tokens we make for tabletop gaming with a focus on virtual tabletop content (Roll20). You can use our maps and tokens on any system you want, such as Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons and easily fit them into any campaign you might need them for.

What we create?

You can expect about 4 map packs (day / night, gridded / gridless, outline versions, PNG for virtual tabletop and PDF for print version - you have at least 8-10 files in one pack!) + 2 minis (paper miniatures for tabletop gaming) per month, but in case we churn out more than you expected you can set up a Maximum Monthly Pledge after you select a tier so that you don't end up paying more than you're comfortable with.

Here on Patreon you can pledge to us based on the reward tiers to the right. We offer tiers of $1, $2, and $5 per creation, each offering escalating benefits.


Here is an example of my most recent maps!

Remember, as soon as you pledge you will get access to all my library of previous released content based on your tier level and get billed only after I have created some content for you!

The maps should be quite varied and generic enough to easily fit into a lot of different scenarios, and we hope you will find them useful in your adventures for everything from quiet explorations to fierce battles! All maps will be in high-resolution (at least 3500px) optimized for virtual tabletops software (like Roll20).

We also create maps on request - if you have such a need please contact us!

Thank you very much for visiting my Patreon page and considering joining!

PS Commissions are open!
$157 of $200 per map pack

$200! As a big thanks, we’ll create an extra large exotic battlemap to celebrate and release it to all patrons!

This is our first big goal. A big thanks to everyone who helps us to reach this goal. If we hit this we’ll know it was worth it to try and be map makers here on Patreon ;)
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