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  • Access to Patreon Models via Dropbox
  • Welcome Pack - containing models exclusive to patreon
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  • 20% Discount for existing models on Myminifactory
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Pre-Supported Models as well as everything from the previous teir including
  • Access to Patreon Models via Dropbox
  • Welcome Pack - containing models exclusive to patreon
  • Sneak peek of works in progress
  • Patron-only polls to pick the monthly theme
  • 20% Discount for existing models on Myminifactory
  • Discord access
Includes Discord benefits




I am pleased to announce that pre-supported STLs are now available on this Patreon. Provided by the exceptionally skilled team at 3D Printing Pleb. Each model is test printed with limited support from 3d printing pleb too making this teir ideal for those who are just starting out in their 3d printing adventure.

Welcome to the mysterious, unruly world of Printed Obsession
Your perpetuating miniature madness starts here! Printed Obsession offers you esoteric, undiscovered 3D printable miniatures like you’ve never laid eyes on before. Becoming a Printed Obsession Patreon means venturing into a new realm of mystifying 3D printable creations, from demons hailing from the depth of the underworld to ferocious fire wolves wreaking havoc on those who opposed them. You’ll find your favorite models for your tabletop, RPG, and wargaming needs.
When you become a patreon, you’ll earn instant access to the Welcome pack. You could also get access to:
  • This Month's release
  • An exclusive discount codes for the official STL store
  • The Welcome Pack containing 14 miniatures
  • The Printed Obsession Community Channel and more!

By joining the Acolyte or Commercial Tier you will receive the Welcome Box and exclusives designs in the Monthly Release. Have you ever imagined a character and wanted to see it come to life? Now is your chance. The monthly release includes a set of 4-6 exclusive 3D printable models based on the theme of your choice. During the month, you’ll have a chance to comment and share the theme you want most. Mid month, I’ll release the poll. Once voting is done, sculpting begins. The monthly releases will be uploaded at the beginning of the month, and will expire at the end of the month. Don’t miss out, you’ll often get access to free upgrades mid month! Any payment made after Patreon processes will count towards the next month.

Planning to wage war? Want access to an army of celestial creatures or hellish anti paladins? By becoming a Patreon, you’ll be able to enjoy a special 20% discount code, exclusive to Patreon subscribers, to purchase any expired models you might have missed, available through the MyMinifactory Store
Plus you’ll be the first to hear about any flash sales happening on specific bundle packs.

Join the conflict and receive this Welcome Pack immediately! By joining the Acolyte or Commercial Tier you will also receive the Welcome Box. This pack will never expire, and contains exclusive models you can’t find anywhere else. It contains:
  • 3 x Rodents of unusual size (yes they exist)
  • Monstrous Rodent
  • Rodent Sorcerer
  • A Hard to Kill Lizard
  • Elemental Wolf
  • Zama Bust – Poster girl from ‘Hell Hath No Fury’.
  • Female Barbarian - 75 mm scale
  • Dark Knight & Stag Familiar - 75mm Scale
  • Black Dragon - flying model
  • Dryad - 75 mm scale
  • Fire Titan
Whether you’re here because you’re fighting for light or darkness, I want to offer my gratitude the best way I know how: an epic models so treacherous, so evil, it will make you tremble on the very ground that you stand upon…For those of you who support me for 3 straight months and more, you’ll be rewarded with my takes on classic encounters you won't find anywhere else.
The STL files brought to you by Printed Obsession are for personal, non-commercial use only. This means when you join any Tier of Patreon and gain access to the STL files you agree to be bound by the terms of the agreement listed below.
If you would like to sell your 3D printed models you can join the Commercial Tier. The commercial tier gives you the rights to sell your physical prints. Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive a licensing agreement to sign, which will remain active so long as you’re subscribed to the Commercial Licence Tier!

Terms and Conditions
By downloading, accessing or purchasing Printed Obsession’s STL files, you agree to the following terms and conditions. All designs are protected by Intellectual property laws. If you do not agree to the terms please don’t download the content we offer.
  • The copyright and ownership of Printed Obsession belongs solely to Printed Obsession, all rights reserved.
  • You agree that any STL files you are given access to are to be used for your personal use only not to be shared, redistributed, rented or transferred to anyone else.
  • You may not sell 3D prints unless you are a subscriber of the commercial licence tier.
  • You can cut and resize files to better fit your personal printer, however you may not otherwise duplicate, edit, create derivatives of or modify any portion of the STL file to create new or remixed content.
  • You may not offer STL files on any crowdfunding platform or commercial bonus pack or any other monetary offering. STL files may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, or republished.
  • Mass production is prohibited.
  • All terms and conditions apply to every tier, including Commercial tier which allows sales of 3D printed models but prohibits mass production or crowdfunding, board game or any similar campaign offer.

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Exclusive to Patreon Supporters I will sculpt.anything by popular vote.
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