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Special content alert! With a contribution of $3/month, you will get access to our query show recorded ONLY for our patrons!   

Once a month, we will select agent queries from Print Run's submission pile and will critique and workshop them (anonymously) on-air. If you're a fledgling writer or are deep in the query trenches, this is your opportunity to find out exactly what agents are looking for!

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First Pages and Monthly Flexisode

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$8 a month gets you access to all three of our monthly Premium Episodes. In addition to access to the Query Show, you can also tune in for:

· First Pages Show: similar to the Query Show, we go line by line (anonymously) through submitted First Pages, critiquing and discussing ways to engage your reader in the crucial opening moments of your novel. What makes an agent stop reading, and what has them clamoring for more?

· Flexisode: this changes monthly, and all topics are submitted by listeners like you! This episode can be an #askprintrun, a discussion of a specific aspect of the publishing biz, specialized critique episodes, and more!
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You, my dear patron, are our hero! As a reward for donating $25/month, you not only get access to all of our special content, but you get first dibs at getting your work critiqued in either the monthly query show or the first pages show.

Please note that we will only review a work on-air once, so choose carefully!




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