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Every week since 2011, you have invited Priority One into your lives. Together, we have laughed, we have raged, and we have passed the time discussing the topics that interest us most. You are with us as we travel at warp speed in Star Trek Online. You are with us on the convention floor interviewing Star Trek alumni. We want to continue to share all those experiences with you!

So why this crowd funding campaign?

There are inevitable running costs involved with producing Priority One Podcast. Unfortunately, it’s not free to host a combination of audio files, graphic art, photos, blogs, and more in one centralized location that is easy to access. Nor is the equipment or software free that allows us to record, process, and produce the quality audio podcast you have grown to expect from week to week.

For everyone involved in producing our shows, Priority One Podcast is a labor of love and we don’t profit from its production. For the past six years, we have invested our personal time, money, and passions into producing the quality content you have grown to expect. Most importantly, we’ve developed a relationship with each and every one of you. You invite us into your lives every week and listen to our rantings. You even participate in some of those discussions, with active engagement via email, comments, or chatting. Without your support, we could not have been nominated for Best Produced and Best Gaming Podcast in the 2014 People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Without your support, we would not have been able to represent you at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Star Trek Las Vegas Conventions!

Why give?

Combined, the overall running costs to keep Priority One Podcast running at minimal efficiency is a little over $3,000 a year. We have web hosting and domain renewals, software licenses, equipment maintenance, and all the other little bits and pieces that ensure we can deliver our podcast to you.

All it would take is 50 of you to commit to $5 a month – for 12 months – and we could meet that base goal and keep Priority One Podcast going for another year!

But if you know us at all, you’ll know that we don’t just want to keep going, we want to keep growing! Above our base goal, we can pay for improved equipment that lets us broadcast LIVE from conventions, and for the social media tools that help YOU get closer to the action!

Unfortunately, we have other expenses as well. Travel costs to attend conventions or visit places like Cryptic Studios is a very expensive endeavor! For instance, just for one member of the Priority One Podcast Team to report on STLV can cost nearly $1,000. Therefore, any money collected beyond our monthly running costs will go towards alleviating the costs involved with covering a convention. The more we can generate, the more likely it is we can send members of Priority One Productions to conventions around the world.

That is why we have come to Patreon. We know you love our content, our quality, and our format. We believe that if you support us, with whatever level of contribution that suits you, we can raise the bar on podcast quality and reliability. You deserve more, but we need your help to get it to you!
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It costs $250 per month to get our podcast delivered to you: that's web hosting and security, domain name, etc. It also pays for the software licenses and equipment maintenance that keeps our podcast sounding professional.
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