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Hurrah! This will really help fight off the fear demons and their minions while making original content just for you, including looking at more regular (produced) video content
The New Journalism
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Hitting this will allow for regular articles and videos without compromise, thanks to the freedom to chase far less just to pay the bills and focus in on more of the kind that you want
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While 99.9% impossible, obviously, this would allow me to prioritise making content just for you guys, with all the good things that come from that, including being able to invest in equipment, software etc specifically for that purpose.
The Grudge
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For this amount, I will reluctantly make a video praising Myst as a game, and for its services to adventure gaming. Every frame will leave the taste of vinegar and leper snot in my mouth
The Sting
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Honestly, I will probably fake my death and run off to a tropical island with some affordable bikini models. I'm sure you understand


Writer of words people seem to like.


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Hi there, I'm Richard. I write words, including 'vortex' and 'aglets', but mostly ones about computer games. If you know what I do and are here because you like it - thanks! If you have no idea who I am, you might have at least seen some of them in fine publications and on websites like PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, IGN, Edge, and many, many others over 15 years of variably professional journalism.

Want to help me do more?

It's no great secret that the market for games writing is currently in a fairly bad place, but let's skip that depressing rant in favour of the potential here. See, over the years, I've written lots of popular content that people are always... well, often... asking me why I don't do more of, like Skyrim: Week Of Madness or Tomb Raider Abridged or the kind of weird and wonderful nonsense you get in my popular Saturday Crapshoot over on PC Gamer - the retro column that can be anything from an adventure to a musical to a short play. The same goes for more serious things too, like the deep-dives I do into game narrative and story, such as this piece on exactly why The Secret Of Monkey Island was funny and its competitors aren't, or more recently, this examination of replayability.

The simple answer? These things are really hard to sell, so all too often get sidelined in the name of paying bills and feeding two hungry little cats that I can't entirely trust not to help themselves to a toe while I sleep.

But! Here's a chance to make it happen. Do you think that the entertainment I can bring you is worth, say, buying me a Coke at your favourite bar? That's all I ask! With your support, I can put the kind of energy and reach that goes into things like Saturday Crapshoot into far more things, it not having to be diluted by delays and pitching and the need to keep focus on big targets. I can bring you both funny and serious words without compromise... though certainly with more puns.

Nothing is off the table, though I do plan to focus primarily on the PC and games with a strong narrative element, as well as branch out to do more video content - produced, editorially driven video that won't need millions of views to justify creating, and can be completely immune to any silly things YouTube might have done that morning. (I'm very new to video, as the one above probably shows, but intend to get better, talk more slowly and make some fun stuff you just can't do in print. My Crapshoot audience especially has been really supportive so far, so I hope you'll indulge me as I continue learning these tricky ropes.)

There will be laughs, there will be serious analysis, and there will be absolutely be blistering snark attacks at worthy targets. I'm British. It's what we do. I want to keep things fairly upbeat though, with regular looks at why things work rather than just where they failed, and bringing cool things to your attention that you might otherwise have missed or overlooked. Games are great, and I want that to be the driving force.

All main content will be publicly available, but the more support this gets, the more of it there can be, and the more ambitious. Supporter perks I have in mind for the moment include a custom comment colour on the site to mark you out, as well as an ad-free experience wherever possible. (My intention for videos for instance is to invest in a Vimeo Plus or similar account so that supporters logged in will get them clean.) Supporters will also have direct ways to suggest or vote on new content, though of course all comments and feedback and suggestions are welcome, via comments, e-mail, Twitter, or any other not-Google Plus method. The more time I'm able to spend on this though, the more I'll be able to look into rewarding your support in fun ways/with exclusive content.

And I think that's it for the moment. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for reading all these years. Hopefully there are many more ahead. Any questions? Suggestions of things to add? Find me @richardcobbett on Twitter, or e-mail me at [email protected]

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