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Patreon premiumFor established creative businessesStep into a partnership with Patreon where you get everything in Pro, plus more influence, opportunities, and access. Work 1:1 with a Dedicated Partner Manager to help you grow your membership, take advantage of our full service Merch solution, and access our Team Accounts feature.Get started
Partnership with Patreon
Partnership with PatreonFor creators in Premium, we partner with you to amplify your success and enhance your experience.
InfluenceGet early insight into upcoming product changes, early access to new features in development, and the opportunity to influence our product roadmap.
OpportunitiesWe identify the right joint marketing opportunities for you to share your story - through live events, performances, speaking opportunities, PR, social, and more.
Invite-only EventsJoin a vibrant community of established creators at Patreon-sponsored events and networking opportunities. We also facilitate 1:1 introductions to other creators mutually interested in collaboration.
Work 1:1 with an expertYour Dedicated Partner Manager is a membership expert whose mission is to grow your earnings quickly, keep you informed, and save you time.
Expert coachingConsult with a trusted advisor who helps you review your progress, grow your business, and plan for the future.
Insider accessEnjoy a direct line of communication with Patreon teams for insights, early access to new features, and invitations to events.
Data insightsEnjoy a monthly review of custom analytics provided by your Partner Manager, to walk you through ways to improve earnings, patron acquisition and retention, and more.
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Reward your patrons effortlesslyReward your loyal patrons with Patreon’s Merch for Membership. Patreon handles shipping, tracking, and support, so you can save time and get back to doing what you do best — creating.
Unique items, designed by youWe’ve partnered with top notch manufacturers so you can select high-quality items and customize the design.
Smart Pricing OptimizationPatreon will suggest which tiers should include the merch at price points that cover your production and shipping costs.
End-to-end fulfillmentYour merch is created and fulfilled automatically, on schedule. Select a one-time reward after the first 3 months.
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Work as a teamHave your team help you run your business by giving each teammate their own login with Team Accounts.
Save timeSpend more time creating as your teammates post, comment, and send messages on behalf of your creator page.
Keep your account secureSharing login info may put your account at risk. Give each teammate their own login and 2-factor authentication settings.
Retain controlTeam leads have sole access to financial data and set permissions for teammates.
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Direct relationshipsDevelop relationships with your patrons through patron-only posts, messages, or directly via email.
Business toolsTrack patron payments, lifetime value, and notes to help manage relationships with them directly.
Flexible payoutsPay yourself whenever you want, or receive monthly auto payouts from your creator balance via direct deposit, PayPal, or Payoneer.
Patron supportRest easy knowing we handle your patrons’ questions, payments, and concerns to ensure they’re taken care of.
Creator-first educationLearn how to effectively run your creative business with our workshops, world-class knowledge base, and creator resources.
Mobile appMessage your patrons and monitor your membership business with our native iOS and Android apps.
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