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-Receive free copy of Real Estate Investing Made Easy—How to Get Rich, For Real. Many people are tired of poor returns on their bank savings accounts, pension plans, insurance policies, t-bills, IRAs, 401(k)s, bonds and mutual funds as well as stock portfolios. Why do so many of the wealthiest families around the world have all or substantially all of their wealth invested in real estate? It’s because real estate investing is virtually the only strategy that really works.

You can’t save your way to wealth, but you can invest your way there, Bruce M Firestone

This book by Bruce M Firestone, PhD, lays out an alternative strategy for you and your family. What if you could buy, say, two or three residential rentals, one small commercial investment like an industrial condo and some land that’ll generate net income of $84,000 a year and provide inflation protection as well as a reliable storehouse of value? Now that sounds more doable than say trying to save $7,000,000 in cash, which is what you’d need if you invest it in a guaranteed investment certificate at 1.2% pa.

Firestone shows you how—he has coached many clients to success by exploiting opportunities in real estate. He’ll show you how you make money in real estate when you but, not when you sell and how to add differentiated value to your portfolio so you earn above average returns.

“It’s a must-read for both experienced and novice investors,” Daniel Casal, B Com (Hon) Finance

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-Free copy of Quantum Entity trilogy book 1 (we are all ONE), which tells the story of three, somehow interconnected families—Bells, Brooks and Hopi of Third Mesa—from the first moment artificially intelligent agents (quantum entities) are unleashed on an unsuspecting world by a brilliant, other-directed young physicist loved by two women until a war amongst nations ends in an evolutionary step for both quantum entities and their human partners.

Meet the 25 women and girls in this preliminary storyboard whose collective story underpins Quantum Entity trilogy--they are the glue that all human societies truly depend on...

Congratulations Prof Bruce, you’ve got a winner here. After reading ‘Part I – Discovery’, I was totally hooked. It’s better than ‘The Goal’ and more entertaining even than ‘Dune’! David Perry, Partner, Perry-Martel International, co-author, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

Learning outcome? What it's really like to build a business on the order of Facebook x100

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-Receive a free copy of Retire Rich, Retire Early, How to Retire At Any Age, For Real. Developed nations are divided into three classes—people, mostly government workers, with defined benefit pension plans, the top 1% who in 2012 had a 19.3% share of US national income (up from just 7.7% in 1973) and everyone else. This book is written for the latter—the 80% of the working population who have to fend for themselves.

34% of poll respondents say lottery win is their retirement plan…

Firestone looks at the case of Ms Maya Yates, a 36 year old single mother with a decent job who has set a goal of retiring by age 62 with an income similar to what she is currently earning. When she discovers that she will need to save $6.7 million over the next 26 years to reach her goal (equivalent to putting away more than 3 times her current annual salary every year), Maya comes to Firestone looking for alternatives; together they come up with a plan to enable her to acquire a mini real estate empire so she can realistically provide for herself and her three children.

“Wow, this book really explains (with no baloney) how to invest and make money in real estate. It’s foundational to anyone looking to start a career and/or invest in real estate,” Nicholas Legault, real estate entrepreneur

-Receive free copy of Entrepreneurs Handbook II, You can think your way to wealth a lot faster than you can work your way there

Do you want to learn how to create significant value for yourself and your family in an enterprise that you own and control – value that can provide you the freedom and security to realize your lifetime goals? This handbook will teach you how to bootstrap yourself to success in the 21st century. This handbook will take you on a voyage to create the most compelling business models for the 21st century. We are going to look deep into the past at business models from decades past, as well as show you new models that may amaze you.

You will learn how it is possible to reverse out much of your work, to create mass customization in products and services, turn products into services and vice versa, engage in negative cost selling, negative cost marketing and much more.

-Free copy of Quantum Entity trilogy book 2 (American Spring).

Meet Pet3r, the first of his kind. His quantum number is 1.

Hatched in Lab 4 at U of T, Pet3r is the first of over 500 million of these creatures who have come to join humanity on their march towards their collective destiny, whatever that may be...

Learning outcome? How to revive a national economy that's collapsed

I felt as if I was in the middle of an Isaac Asimov world again. Great job! Steve Gordon, President, Regional Group of Companies

I really enjoyed the book—it gave me a fascinating view of what may lie ahead in the not so distant future, God help us. I came to care what happened to the characters and wanted to get to know them better. I also laughed out loud at times. The novel introduced me to many complex concepts and I found myself thinking on occasion: ‘Huh, I didn’t know that.’ It was a pleasure to read, Margot O’Neil

- Free copy of Don’t Back Down, the real story of the founding of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators when published.

Inaugural Senators team circa 1992/93

15,000 reservations (called PRNs, Priority Registration Numbers) for season tickets sold for $25 each for a team that would not play its first game for nearly two years together with 500 corporate sponsors signed up at $500 each plus 31 original corporate sponsors at $15k each to support Bring Back the Senators campaign

Ottawa's most popular player (Spartacat), year one of modern era

Current home of the Sens

Original land use plan for 600-acre parcel purchased by Sens parent company Terrace Investments Ltd in western sector of Ottawa

Old and new, from bottom: first year coach, Rick Bowness, first ever entry draft pick, Alexei Yashin, Bruce Firestone with his 2 chief lieutenants, Cyril Leeder and Randy Sexton, original Senators teams, winners of 9 Stanley Cups, who played in the league from its inception in 1917 til moving from Ottawa during the Great Depression in 1933 to St Louis where they played for a year before folding in 1934. Resurrected in 1992/93. Frank Finnegan, pictured young and old in lower right hand corner, anchored the power play to Bring Back the Senators at the December 1990 NHL winter meetings in Palm Beach, FLA and lived long enough to see the team become unconditional members of the league in December 1991.

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-Entered into a draw for a once per year breakfast with Prof Bruce, Sens founder, real estate guru

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-Free copy of Quantum Entity trilogy book 3 (The Successors)

Meet Nina Christina in book 3; she's a motocross racing, guitar-playing, rave attending, church-going, coffee house owning, half Hopi princess, quantum data strategist, rock n’ roll girl from Cal living in Texas in 2089 with fluent French and some Swedish. Image used under license from Lena Dunaeva. All rights reserved.

When you're a fast chick on a bike, a female in a male-dominated sport, quitting is not an option. Bruce Firestone captures the thrill of the chase beautifully in book 3 of his Quantum Entity Trilogy. Nina Christina, an amazing character and a role model for women everywhere, competes and succeeds against impossible odds. I loved how much he covered just in chapter 1, which totally propelled my interest in reading the rest of the book set in a future world where all seems lost except hope, Vicki Schouten, CEO Vinyl 21, retired professional motorcycle racer

I was surprised and delighted with the way Quantum Entity Trilogy ended. Firestone answers fundamental questions—how did our universe begin, how did life start, are we alone and what does it all mean? It left with me a sense of grandeur, thinking about the future of our planet and how it might be evolve, Patrick Trahan, COO,

Preliminary storyboard re forbidden love between Nina Christina and Magellan Bell

Learning outcome? How to manage a project of mind boggling complexity

- Free copy of Real Estate Handbook when published.

- Free copy of Urban Nirvana when published.




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I believe we’re in a revolutionary period, but perhaps not the one most people think it is. True, it’s a time of change—political upheaval and conflict caused, in part, by social media and technology, social, economic and environmental change due to human evolution as well as misadventure—but above all else, I suspect we are about to see a determined push by millions, possibly billions, of people in a new direction. One that tends toward greater simplicity, spirituality, and self-reliance. In fact, people everywhere are fed up with implacable institutions that over-promise and under-deliver.

Every month, I help people find new ways to live, to earn a living, to provide for themselves and their families. How do I do that? By answering 100s of queries via email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, phone, face-to-face meetings, skype, by giving keynote speeches, via coaching and brokerage services, by writing learning outcome novels, and blog posts, by creating youtube videos, by supporting the tiny house as well as aging-in-place movements, by creating a 4-point plan that helps people generate independent income through real estate, by revolutionizing how we design, build and animate cities, towns and villages, by solving the quest for the key to entrepreneurial success via the modern business model, self-finance and negative cost marketing and sales, by teaching courses in entrepreneurship and real estate, by helping people create their own successful personal businesses for life,  by teaching municipalities how to bootstrap sustainable, thriving local economies, by inventing the future, a place where technological, social, political and economic changes empower individuals to greater creativity, freedom, self-sufficiency and happiness…

The difference between rich and poor is not how they act, it's how they react, Anon

I would like to continue this quest with your help. By pledging your support, you will get unfettered access to a new way of thinking and being… and books, stories, lessons, case studies plus shared experiences that will help you on your personal journey.

Bruce M Firestone, PhD
@profbruce @quantum_entity
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Urban Nirvana tells the story of what it takes to build and animate great cities from the point of view of a Chicago-based architect, who is tasked with the job of creating a new community for a mega developer based in the Inland Empire part of Los Angeles, where he hopes to attract a new NFL franchise. His younger brother, a failed novelist, lives in his brownstone basement where he is supposed to be chronicling his sibling’s musings on the NIMBY phenomenon that is crippling cities around the world in the 2030s.

It’s a time when mass protests are becoming more common, better organized and more violent, equipped as they are with new products—everything from the mundane, like tiny houses on wheels, to revolutionary, as in drone warriors. But instead, for some unknown reason, he is secretly writing a novel about the peradventures of a young girl, Maddy Henderson, who lives on a ranch in Big Muddy, Saskatchewan near the Montana border, with her father, learning-disabled older brother and Tommy, their hired hand.

Maddy Henderson of Big Muddy, Saskatchewan, preliminary storyboard video

Learning outcome? How to create livable cities, towns and villages

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