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Welcome to the Club

$1 /mo
Thank you for your continued support! With this tier, you help support us grow and blossom into the young woman We know we can become!

Shout Out on Community Day( First Friday)

$2 /mo
In this tier, you'll get a custom shout out by us at the end of every community day stream, which will be the first Friday of every month.

Vote for the Next Game

$5 /mo
With this amount of support, you'll get the chance to vote on the next game we play for Community Day. You also get the bonuses of the bottom tiers as well!

Ask Us Anything

$10 /mo
With this tier, once a month, you'll be able to ask Angel and Michael anything you like, and we will try our darndest to answer those gee golly questions. You'll also get the perks of the previous ...

Turn your Idea Into a Video

$20 /mo
Once a month, you'll be able to submit a script idea in 20 words or less to our email, and we will try our best to turn your idea into a fun little clip. Then, we will compile all the fan made vide...

Our Package

$30 /mo
This is only for true fans. For your continued, questioning amount of support, we send you OUR PACKAGE. A fun mystery box, kinda like loot crate, but better? What could be in OUR PACKAGE? Toys? Kni...