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is creating Informative videos on lesser known rules for tabletop gaming.
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About Professor Phoenix's B-Sides

Hellllllo and welcome to my Patreon page! Im Professor Phoenix, and this is where I can tell you what my goals are for the channel, as well as look for people that want to invest in my videos. 

I would LOVE to be cranking out two videos a week, but with my down time I tend to be working on other projects as well as writing, recording, editing, re-writing and re-recording my videos. If I could get a better mic, or a camera to record with, or maybe not free editing software that's actually good, I may be able to put these videos out faster and more consistently. 

Thats where YOU come in! Help a guy out a bit? Help me help you? I wanna help you get the most out of your roleplay experience. I want YOU to go into a game, knowing exactly what you plan to do, either for your character, or for your players if you want to use something a little bit different. 

If you read this, thanks for your time and your consideration!
-Professor Phoenix
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Once we reach this tier, Ill be able to purchase books, making my study and finding of cool rule-sets/ archetypes/ random information much easier to find. I LOVE it!
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