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On-Air "Thank You" on Music in Widescreen which has 1000 listeners weekly,
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Send us an MP3 and we will air it at random for as long as you are a patron. We will monitor this so the MP3 airs approximately daily.  The file should read "Hi this is <name> from <place> and I subscribe to Your ticket to the best progressive rock.
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Do you have a band you would like everyone to hear on Music In Widescreen? 

Pick a song a month. Mark and Rayna will air it and review it live on the air. 

One restriction is, you can only pick the same band once every three months. 
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Hello community.  We appreciate you listening to the station. Rayna and I are proud to own the station and are quite willing to deficit spend each month. Our third owner, and station manager, MikeBo is quite happy to donate his time and hardware to make sure the stream is running smoothly and handles all our new submissions.  Our nearly dozen presenters spend hours preparing and airing shows. 

Thanks to an amazing sense of community, people have repeatedly asked if they could help with small donations to the station.  Now is your opportunity to do so.  With our advertisement-free radio station you may find that a small monthly donation is worthwhile. 

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This will cover our expenses for the software that streams our music and the 100gb backup server.

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