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is creating videos while Sailing Around the World on a Small Sailboat
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About Project Atticus

You are amazing! Thank you for stopping by our Patreon Page!


If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you are freaking awesome! THANK YOU! For the newcomers, we’re two hard-working people who share a goal of sailing around the world on a budget. We live on Atticus, our 30-foot sailboat which we bought for $5,000 and spent 3 years refitting. You can read the full story here.

Once we completed our refit in 2016, we cast the lines and headed for the Western Caribbean where we spent a couple of months cruising before we settled down in Isla Mujeres, Mexico to figure out how to find work using our new boat maintenance skills. Over the course of a year, Jordan built five rudders from scratch, a swim deck extension for a 60ft motor yacht, and started writing for Cruising World on the side; Desiree became the go-to seamstress for cruisers and did freelance social-media and photography work. Meanwhile, we paid for our dock slip in exchange for boat maintenance and sewing work. Before long, we had saved up enough money to start cruising again.

Around this time, we also decided to launch a Patreon page and we began to refocus our time and energy on video production with the goal of one day becoming full time video creators. Thanks to our amazing, kick-butt, flipping awesome Patrons, we reached our goal of earning enough money on Patreon ($500 per episode) to support our extremely frugal and minimalist lifestyle that we’ve been living for years (just enough money for groceries, basic boat maintenance, and clearance & travel fees) so that we can dedicate all of our waking hours to making epic videos.

What does this mean for you?
Your contribution will enable us to focus all of our passion and energy into Project Atticus so that we can:
  • Continue to release weekly feature episodes, plus as many additional bonus episodes as we possibly can. *WE WILL NEVER CHARGE MORE THAN 1 EPISODE PER WEEK*
  • Host Live Streams (when internet is good) to get to know YOU better!
  • Collect feedback from YOU to help us become your favorite youtube channel!
The Boat Fund
Atticus is fully equipped with brand-new (for the most part) gear necessary for circumnavigation thanks to all of the hard work we put into her refit in Key West. However, subjecting a sailboat to circumnavigation puts a lot of stress on her and will require constant maintenance and repairs, as well as eventually an all-out overhaul once all of her elements start to reach their life-span (sails, rigging, chainplates, etc.). So we’d like to start a boat fund to be able to prepare for and anticipate the financial setbacks associated with maintaining Atticus through circumnavigation and beyond.

The Video Fund
As far as our camera, editing, and data storage capabilities right now, we have a pretty basic, bootstrapped package. However, if any of our current gear gets stolen or damaged along the way, we don’t have any redundancies in our budget. We’d like to upgrade some of our camera and editing gear to improve the quality of our videos and we’d love to add redundancies in our gear so that nothing can stop us from filming in our tracks. We can also begin to streamline our video production process with better tools. This might mean hiring a virtual assistant, or hiring a web developer to help us with our content creation process. Bottom line, we will constantly invest your contribution back into Project Atticus so that we can continue to create awesome content for as long as we possibly can.

The Lifestyle Fund
We love living on a budget. We probably always will. But, we would love to be able to put a little bit aside to be able to handle any health emergencies we encounter along the way. We also want to have a BOAT BABY sometime in the next couple of years! We’d love to take you with us as we struggle through all of the challenges of raising a kid on a 30 foot sailboat!

Don’t see a reward on here that tickles your fancy? Shoot us a note! We can make it happen!

It’s not you, It’s me…If you’re not quite ready for a long term commitment with us on Patreon, no hard feelings! We still want to be friends! If you want to chip in a one-time contribution to give us a boost click here! Or if you’d like to support us by wearing some Project Atticus Swag around town, check out our Store!
445 of 500 patrons
Our BIG GOAL right now is to cross the Pacific in the spring of 2020. We have a TON of projects that we're working on to make Atticus bullet proof for our biggest passage yet.

We need to amp up our drinking water solution on Atticus for the Pacific crossing. When we reach 500 Patrons, we should be able to tackle buying and installing a new water maker.

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