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About Project CoNarrative

Hello! We are award-winning novelists Luke T. Harrington and K. B. Hoyle. Together, we have a combined 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, so we thought we'd try our hand at something fun, risky, and new: writing a novel together, in real-time, "improv-style." Every other week, one of us will write and post a chapter of this novel to our Patreon page—a chapter the other person won't see until it goes live.

But we're sure you're wondering: Why the pirate theme? On our first podcast, we drew from a hat of genre options what this novel will be about, and it came up pirates! Coming-of-Age Paranormal Pirate Adventure, to be exact. (You'll want to listen to the podcast to hear how it all went down...)

Right from the choosing of the genre on our first podcast, Project CoNarrative is already turning out to be fun and risky because, if you know anything about writing a novel, you know it can go off the rails real fast! Writing it like this with a partner allows for very little planning ahead, and sometimes you end up with... paranormal pirates. Can we do it? We'd love to invite you to support us in this venture and follow along and see! We will be tracking our progress (and our frustrations) with a monthly podcast, blog posts, and other extras—including an end-of-project paperback novel for our highest-level Patrons.

Luke T. Harrington is the author of OPHELIA, ALIVE, a psychological thriller. Find out more about him and his upcoming books at

K. B. Hoyle is the author of YA fantasy adventure series THE GATEWAY CHRONICLES and YA dystopian series THE BREEDER CYCLE. Find out more about her and her upcoming books at

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