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About Projected Film

Hey! If you've reached this page, you've likely read one of my reviews or articles - so thank you, you're awesome!

All my life I've loved film - I live and breathe it. So after I graduated from University I decided to start Projected Film where I could write about it whenever I wanted, and hopefully, provide people with entertaining but honest reviews about the latest films (and some old ones too).

Ultimately, my aim is to save you money by helping you decide which films to see and which ones to skip - sometimes a task easier said than done. 

I don't charge for my content because I love film and want people to be able to access my writing easily. However, if you've read and enjoyed a few of my reviews, why not donate the price of a small popcorn at your local cinema? It would help me a huge amount and also contribute toward my aim of building my own professional site. 

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to sharing more content with you in the future!
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