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About Projection Booth Podcast

The Projection Booth podcast has been going since March 2011, providing good stuff for your ear holes along the way.   The podcast has changed from being a "hobby" into something a bit more. As the main host, I spend hours every week tracking down guests, researching films, and recording interviews.  I spend every weekend editing.  And, I spends a lot of money providing The Projection Booth to you. If you can help defer the cost a bit, that would be awesome.  Find out what I've been doing at

I got a great deal with a hosting provider a few years back. For now, I spent $107.40/year to host

When talking to people around the world it costs some money for Skype.  On average, $200/year.

In order to help track down the people I interview. I need an IMDb Pro account. These are a bit outrageous at $149.99/year.

I use dropbox for sharing of raw files (interviews, sound bytes, songs) and the delivery of edited work. Due to the large filesize, I have the 1Tb account which is $99/year.

Raw Materials
Books, CDs, DVDs, Scripts -- anything that can't be gotten for free or via nefarious means. I do research like crazy but sometimes it takes some bucks.    I have yet to keep strict records on this but I imagine it's got to run at least $1000/year.

Patreon Fees
The number you see on the left is not the number that we get.  They take a pretty good chunk (20%?).  So, to be fully-funded I have to be well north of our $100/month goal.  

If you prefer to send payments via Paypal either as a subscription or one-off, here's a simple link:

$314 of $2,000 per month
It's time to get serious and build a mini recording studio in the basement. New gear, soundproofing, a real microphone - all in an effort to sound a little more professional.
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