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is creating healing in community with movement + meditation
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About Project Koa

Project Koa brings communities of people together to practice trauma-conscious movement + meditation and to safely explore individual, familial and generational trauma. Each class focuses on a skill to inspire resiliency through reflection, movement, and meditation. Each program will be taken directly to Native and military communities across the USA.

"Koa" in Hawaiian means brave, strong, warrior. It is the name of a tree in Hawaii used to build canoes, ukeleles, surfboards and more - one resource capable of bringing people together. Project Koa is no different. Project Koa's program is designed to orient the soul from trauma to resilience, from isolation to community, from darkness to love. We focus on the power of community to process and heal with people from within the ecosystem who influence thinking and provide love for each other.

Patreon will help Project Koa keep the work going long after we leave. Funds raised will help to send a local leader to yoga/meditation teacher training. After which, the teacher will join the Project Koa community of teachers and continue work within their local community.
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