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2" A-Frame Nameplate and mini-bio
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Have your loved one memorialized on an A-Frame with a 2"x1" nameplate that gets taken everywhere with Project Refit. Have your loved one's name and 5 sentence bio placed on our website, as well.   

2" A-Frame Nameplate & mini-bio
per month

Have your loved one memorialized on an A-Frame with a 2"x1" nameplate that gets taken everywhere with Project Refit. Have your loved one's name and 10 sentence bio placed on our website.

Engraving by Austin Waggoner
per month

Have our partner, Austin Waggoner (Army combat veteran), hand engrave your loved ones name into a 2x4 nameplate. 

Nameplate will have the following engraved:


DOB (Date of Birth)

DOD (Date of Death) 



Your loved one's name will also be displayed on our website with a short 10 sentence bio provided by you.




per month


Project Refit's story really begins in the valleys of Afghanistan, where co-founder Daniel Lombard, was involved in two IED explosions and resulting lasting injuries were PTSD &TBI. This is the story of many modern military members, past/present. Another struggle for modern military members is the speed of transportation in and location of war. As an example, soldiers coming home from WWII took months. In modern warfare, it can take hours. Sometimes, like for Drone Pilots, they can go from a mission to a child's game on the same day. Talk about no decompression! Of course, there are many examples of the mounting stress, lack of decompression time, and even trust being broken.

We then look at the life of a first responder and his or her family. Much like that of a military member and his or her family, the first responder doesn't have a lot of time to decompress and relax. Constant stress, worry, lack of sleep, and almost never home. As an example, most police officers are under 24/7 scrutiny, surveillance, and threats from domestic offenders. And, much like the Drone Pilot, the first responder can see something horrific 30 minutes before getting to a child's game. 

In 2014, the VA found social encouragement was one of the most effective ways and greatest opportunities for getting veterans to participate in mental health programs. We wish to help perfect this model not only for veterans but also for first responders.    

Project Refit has come up with a hybrid strategy of online and in-person peer support to combat the lack of consistent (NOT CRISIS) outlets for military and first responders to connect and decompress. 

We are NOT doctors. We are NOT building our strategies and programs to act as doctors or work against them or mental health programs. Our strategies are being built to help decrease caregiver burden. Caregiver is defined as the friends and family members of the service members (past/present), not the doctors, nurses, or psychologists. 

In 2019 we partnered with Drexel University to build our "Blue Skies" mobile application, which will be used as a battle buddy system and online resource. So you know, Blue Skies is named in honor of CSM Barreras, who would always say to his men, "Blue skies, boys," when the unit returned to base and nothing bad happened on mission.

Within Blue Skies we will be launching content only available on the Mobile App. The content will include a video series covering different outdoor therapies and interviews with psychologists, professors, military members, first responders, and more on their stories, theories, and what therapy actually is.  

Our Mobile Bases will have various themes to help in two areas:

Morale building 
Communication facilitation

We have made some major progress in 2019 and it was possible because of donations. 
Project Refit has helped over 70 veterans and a handful of active duty service members.

Now we need to raise more money for:
  • Project Refit's Mobile Base (in-person support) 
  • Hiring veterans and retired first responders to operate the Mobile Bases
  • Content creation for in the Mobile App 
    • Interviews
    • Videos about the various outdoor programs 
  • Paying our servers to keep our technology running smoothly
  • Printing Memoriam booklets 
  • Printing Memoriam cards

Let's get it.
Let's honor all fallen with life.   

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