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About Alexandre Prokoudine

Hi, I'm Alexandre Prokoudine and I'm a journalist specializing on free-as-in-speech software for creative professionals. Since 2009, I've been delivering in-depth coverage of news about free software to a diverse group of users: photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, prepress engineers, videographers, musicians etc.

Now I'm using Patreon to fund my work on the Libre Arts online magazine and expand it, so that more people would get involved with writing articles and tutorials.


  • Libre Arts delivers in-depth coverage of topics related to free graphics, audio, video, and CAD software.
  • News posts on Libre Arts typically go beyond a mere list of changes: features get explained, developers get interviewed.
  • Controversial topics like the DWG support in free/libre software are covered with input from all involved parties whenever possible.
  • Hot topics like a whole faculty of a university moving to Blender, Krita, and Natron get an insightful interview with project initiator rather than a skimpy news post.
  • The website regularly features large above-the-fold banners for ongoing crowdfunding campaigns by projects like Krita, Blender, MuseScore/OpenScore and others, completely free of charge for the projects (hit me up, if you have an interesting campaign).
In a nutshell, I've been operating this project on the principle that users deserve responsible, insightful coverage of events that matter to them.


Running Libre Arts as a one-man show in spare time is not sustainable at all. Moreover, while I'm generally good at covering a diversity of topics as a journalist and tinkerer, I'll never be a professional architect or an amazing VFX artist. Hence I'd rather be paying to people with lots of hands-on experience.

Over the past few years, I privately talked to some prominent figures in the community like David Revoy, Pat David, and Guillermo Espertino about how this project could be funded. Basically, we all agreed that introducing a paywall would be a complete and utter disaster.

So I'm using Patreon instead. Step 1 is getting me to a point where I can give this project my full attention, and step 2 is getting more people involved.

Meanwhile, ca. 1/3 of everything I get as donations goes back to the community — projects like Ardour, Blender Foundation, FreeCAD, David Revoy's Patreon etc.

Please consider supporting my work if you think this project needs to exist!
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Technical expenses: web hosting, annual domain name update, general maintenance.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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